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Get involved – educate and VOTE

Get involved - educate and VOTE

Last Day to Register to Vote, 10/5/15
Election Day - Tuesday, 11/3/2015
Advanced & Absentee voting -
10/12/15 – 10/3115
**Please check with your hometown city of residence if you live within ‘city limits’

By Heart of Gwinnett Board Members – David Walkiewicz, Sara Poe, Celeste Giordano, Karl Heisman, and Auveed Cawthon
(Many excerpts originally submitted by Rodney Camren, Past President)

Why would someone want to run for an elected official position?  We all would hope that they feel they are servants to the public;  hopefully each and every candidate running for office would like to improve the quality of life for its citizens; they were running with integrity, honesty, bravery, pride and with a sound mind for the community at large.  We all would hope they would have the courage to stand on their own two feet and behind the decisions they make for the community.  

Early in American History and the democratic process this was true.  However, what we have noticed over time is there is another kind of candidate.  There are those who run because they want a title, benefits, the power of the position, control, because they are part of the “good ole boy system” and because they are generously rewarded for their voting on certain issues by companies & outsiders of the community.  Some even run for office for self-promotion and self-gain. I find passion on a particular issue usually draws candidates for an elected seat to the front lines or if it is an issue that affects them directly.  

Most of the elections in 2015 are municipal and are held on the first Tuesday of November – November 3, 2015. If you live in the ‘city limits’ of your hometown you have an added opportunity or should we say responsibility and privilege to get out and vote at your city hall. Notice the location of voting in city elections are usually at your City Hall. Please check with your City to make sure you are registered to vote in your city election and where to vote. 

Sometimes keeping up with all these people running for office and those who do get elected along the way, the general public gets bored, confused, exhausted, upset over empty promises by elected leaders or the lengthy process of getting things to move forward and just decide to not get involved or bad mouth the process, creating political apathy within a community.   

How do we go from political apathy to political activism? A good citizen is one who is politically aware and politically active.  When you consider the amount of taxes paid by you as a citizen and small business, don’t you want to know where that money goes and how it is spent?  You have worked hard, traded valuable time away from your friends and family to make sure you earned not only enough to sustain your economics but also that of your community and country.  

Here are 5 tips to become politically involved without going overboard.
1. Get involved with the local community
2. Get to know the candidates running for office. 
3. Know how, when and where to vote. 
4.  Share information with your community.
5.  VOTE.  It’s a day of celebration as many countries and communities are led by dictators, so be thankful we have the right to vote.  Many people have fought, died and sacrificed much over the centuries to afford you the right as a citizen of America to cast a ballot for someone you elect to represent you and your family.  Don’t discard that right or privilege.

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This article is sponsored by Heart of Gwinnett (formerly New Lawrenceville). Heart of Gwinnett is a FREE networking organization of businesses and volunteers that are working to bring community together. David Walkiewicz, Sara Poe, Celeste Giordano, Karl Heisman, and Auveed Cawthon are board members and helps to lead Heart of Gwinnett in an effort to promote buying locally, educate the community on issues that affect our community.