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GGC experiences largest growth in USG

GGC experiences largest growth in USG
Named most ethnically diverse college in South
by U.S. News & World Report

Once again, Georgia Gwinnett College is the fastest-growing institution within the University System of Georgia (USG), according to the system’s recent 2014 fall semester enrollment report. 

Overall, the USG grew by 1.1 percent, or 3,467. Georgia Gwinnett College led the system with a growth of 11.4 percent, or 1,109 students.  It currently enrolls 10,828 students. 

Gwinnett County residents comprise the majority of the student body at 68.2 percent. The five counties with the next-highest number of GGC students are Walton, DeKalb, Barrow, Fulton and Jackson, representing a combined total of 22.1 percent.

The college’s student body reflects the ethnic diversity of Gwinnett County and the northeast Atlanta metropolitan region. In fact, GGC was named the most ethnically diverse college in the South, according to the U.S. News & World Report online publication of its 2015 college rankings. The ethnic diversity ranking includes both public and private institutions.

GGC’s student body is 38.7 percent Caucasian, 31.4 percent African-American, 15.6 percent Hispanic, 9.4 percent Asian/Pacific Islander and 4.9 percent other/not reported. These data are based on student-provided information. 

A total of 10,450 GGC students are from Georgia, with another 162 from other U.S. states and 216 from other nations. The student body represents 42 U.S. states and 91 other nations. 

“We are pleased to continue GGC’s strategically planned growth and development,” said Stas Preczewski, president. “We project adding about 2,000 more students within the next two years. This will contribute to the USG’s goal of adding about 250,000 students by 2020. More importantly, GGC’s access mission, affordability and innovative approach to higher education allow many students to enroll and succeed in college, regardless of their academic preparation.”

Contrary to national trends, Georgia Gwinnett’s tuition is lower now than when the college first opened its doors in 2006.

“A student body rich with diversity of ethnicity, geographic origins and age creates dynamic learning environments for all students,” said Dr. Lois C. Richardson, interim senior vice president for Academic and Student Affairs and provost.  “This exposure to various perspectives and backgrounds helps prepare students to succeed in today’s global workplace and society.”  

GGC’s enrollment includes almost 1,700 non-traditional students – those who do not immediately go to college after graduating from high school. It also includes 331 joint enrollment students, who take college courses while still in high school. 

The college’s most popular bachelor degree program is business, with almost 2,500 students. Almost 1,300 are majoring in biology and more than 1,000 are majoring in information technology. 

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Georgia Gwinnett College is a four-year, accredited liberal arts college that provides access to targeted baccalaureate level degrees that meet the economic development needs of the growing and diverse population of Gwinnett County and the northeast Atlanta metropolitan region. GGC opened its doors in August 2006 as the nation’s first four-year public college founded in the 21st century, and the first four-year public college founded in Georgia in more than 100 years. Georgia Gwinnett produces contributing citizens and future leaders for Georgia and the nation. Its graduates are inspired to contribute to their local, state, national and international communities and are prepared to anticipate and respond effectively to an uncertain and changing world. Visit Georgia Gwinnett College’s Web site at