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Girl’s play hard

Sometimes, my view from the bleachers is helped along a bit by social media or just plain eavesdropping. A posted  photo of the Collins Hill Water Polo Team or a conversation at a marching band exhibition can lead to the best of stories.

The Water Polo Team from Collins Hill High School

bethvolpert 190We begin in the natatorium…Despite her adorable looks and slight frame, Ava Callis is a tough girl. She sort of has to be with one very tall and talented older brother and one charismatic younger brother. In order to stand her ground in a family of swimmers, Ava took after her older brother Jacob and decided she would play water polo. “It is really an aggressive sport,” says Ava. “When another team gets rough, you get mad and play harder.” To say water polo is aggressive may be an understatement. Playing the game to win also includes managing to keep your head above water. For these players, treading water for 45 minutes while the other team works hard to do everything including sinking you is an added challenge. “You have to be in great shape and be tough to play.” says Ava. “It’s kind of a random sport and people are interested in when you tell them you play.” Ava hopes she can continue on through college and certainly makes you wonder when you watch from the bleachers just how tough a girl can be while remaining an amazing teen. Play on Ava! We will be cheering for you! 

As for the eavesdropping aspect of my view from the bleachers, this gem of a quote came from Peachtree Ridge Marching Band Color Guard member, Megan Humphreys: “My mom was a cheerleader and my dad played football and they have four band nerds.” BLEACHERS 1 190

At hearing that comment while standing in a line during the GCPS Marching Band Exhibition, I turned around to see a glittered and glamourous girl ready for her performance and asked her if she minded me quoting her and snapping a quick pic. 

She smiled for the camera and laughed at the idea of her parents having four kids who chose to be in band. Readers must also note that I TOTALLY got her mom’s number and asked permission because, if anything, I am a protector of all those I see from the bleachers.
So, until next month, when I will be faced once again with having to choose from the many great stories out there, remember to enjoy your own view, from the bleachers.