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GMC neonatal ambulance to transport newborns

Gwinnett Medical Center neonatal ambulance to provide faster transport and care to critical condition newborns in Gwinnett and surrounding areas

GMC neonatal ambulance to transport newborns

Gwinnett Medical Center Wednesday officially unveiled a new, specially-equipped neonatal intensive care ambulance that will enable the hospital to provide faster, safer and more effective transport to newborns in need of immediate and intensive care.

The neonatal ambulance is dedicated solely to the care and transport of newborns from smaller area hospitals to the GMC Level III NICU in Lawrenceville, which provides highly specialized intensive care for between 800 and 1,000 critically ill and premature babies every year.

GMC NICU Ambulance 3190The ambulance, staffed with a specially trained RN and a respiratory therapist, carries only newborn-specific equipment and supplies so that care begins as soon as the patient is on board. The neonatal ambulance is capable of caring for and transporting twins in the same trip. The dedication of the neonatal ambulance also cuts the response time of a regular ambulance in half by eliminating the need to unload equipment geared toward adults only to then load neonatal-specific equipment.  

“This neonatal ambulance will provide lifesaving services to newborns in the Gwinnett and surrounding areas faster and more effectively than ever before,” said Cathie Brazell, Assistant Vice President of GMC Clinical Operations, “We’re thankful to all who raised funds and donated so that newborns in critical condition can get the care they need when they need it.” 

Transport to GMC Level III NICU will be provided to smaller hospitals in surrounding areas including Athens, Monroe, Rockdale, Newton, Johns Creek, Snellville and Royston.

The GMC Women’s Advisory Council (WAC)’s fundraising efforts provided the ambulance, at the approximate cost of $250,000.