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Grayson Arts & History Center To Host Classes For Artists of All Ages

Grayson Arts & History Center 
To Host Classes For Artists of All Ages

GRAYSON – The Grayson Arts & History Center has lined up classes for artists of all levels and ages beginning on March 16th. Classes will include introductory and intermediate acrylics and drawing, as well as an opportunity to put together a home décor project in an hour.

The Grayson Arts & History Center, which was purchased in 2001 as part of Grayson’s Community Park, has been home to art classes in the past. Gail Lane, Grayson’s Community Development Director, hopes to rekindle that artistic spark with classes as well as a gallery set to open in April that will feature local and regional artists and craftsmen. 

“Our goal is to provide creative encounters that will not only foster artistic endeavors, but provide fellowship among those who share in the need to create,” said Lane. “We have scheduled classes throughout each week to provide multiple opportunities for artists of all ages to attend.” The class schedule will expand in April to include instruction on gardening, geneaological research, and couponing. Evening classes will be introduced as project sheets are confirmed. 

The Center will continue to house artifacts and memorabilia that relate the story of Grayson’s past. Additionally, the Center is working to implement historic programs that will enhance and assist those who are searching for Grayson area ancestors. 

The Grayson Arts & History Center is located at 2070 Rosebud Road, Grayson, GA 30017. While undergoing renovations preparing for the gallery opening, the center is open on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. or you may contact Gail Lane at (770) 963-8017. For more information or to register for classes, please visit Grayson’s website at, or check out the Grayson Arts & History Center on Facebook or Pinterest.