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Gun protection

With home invasions occurring on an unprecedented scale, people are buying more hand guns than ever before, particularly females who feel vulnerable.

Having a weapon in your home is important with today’s lawlessness. Without the safeguard of a gun people are defenseless against armed criminals looking for something they can steal and sell.

However, a firearm is dangerous to use in your defense unless you are thoroughly trained in how to use one; where to keep it in the home, prompt access and a complete understanding of guns. If you are watching TV and your gun is somewhere in a drawer you might as well not have one. A thug won’t wait for you to retrieve it.

A jeweler was held up in his store. Working alone he was suspicious of a person in the store who did not act like a typical customer. The jeweler was armed with an automatic. When the criminal turned with a gun in his hand the jeweler pulled an automatic but could not remember how to use the safety. He was shot. He survived the encounter but learned a painful lesson; when you have a gun, become an expert or don’t have one.

Danger is here today. Misdirected people do desperate things and are therefore more dangerous. In a confrontation the decision to pull the trigger must be instantaneous because if you ask a thug to put down his gun, you will have made a mistake. 

If you have a weapon for protection you should be emotionally and psychologically prepared to use it because if you hesitate at the time of confrontation your action will be too late. Hoodlums have no hesitancy to shoot you first. 

Most men like guns. I have been a hunter since I was a kid. I don’t own guns for aggression but I like cleaning them and feel their impact when shooting targets. I keep a 38 caliber Colt revolver nearby. I worried about automatics; will I remember how the safety works when I need it. Rather than be distracted I sold my automatic and am accurate with revolvers. I lost some firepower but practice makes perfect.

Obtaining a permit to carry a concealed weapon reduces problems. Familiarize yourself with the law on guns before you buy one. When buying your gun take someone with you who is familiar with firearms. Beware of guns online or from strangers. You don’t need just a gun. You need the least complicated weapon that is right for you.

A gun has moving parts and must be kept lubricated so it functions smoothly when needed. I’ve owned a 20 gauge shotgun for half a century. I cleaned and oil it regularly. The sound of shells being jacked into the chamber is enough to deter most intruders. 

It would be a good idea to know the law regarding your owning a protection weapon. The use of a firearm will cause legal problems unless you know under what circumstance you are permitted to use it. State laws vary but a basic understanding is; (if you or your family is in danger) you are entitled by law to protect yourself.

York is a WW II navy veteran and retired President of York Furs in Buckhead. You can contact him by email at: