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Gwinnett and a few local and vocal Moms, get the word out on COVID-19 in #ListenToGwinnettMoms Campaign

Gwinnett County launched #ListenToGwinnettMoms, a public health education campaign to inspire the local community to continue doing its part to slow the spread of COVID-19 by listening to the experts who have known best all along: their moms.

Featuring actual moms from across Gwinnett, the campaign highlights the simple, but proven ways residents can help keep each other safe through the “momisms” we are all familiar with. From hand washing to staying away from strangers, these tokens of motherly wisdom have never been more important than they are today as the Gwinnett community, like the rest of the world, continues to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the #ListenToGwinnettMoms campaign, Gwinnett County Government positions local moms as the experts on health and safety that we know they are, creating a more familiar and humanized take on an otherwise daunting topic.

“With the amount of information available on the news and across social media, knowing what to do to keep yourself and family healthy during this pandemic isn’t always straightforward. It’s an important moment for us to come together to provide much-needed clarity and create a sense of community through this countywide campaign,” said Charlotte Nash, Chairman of the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners and a mom herself. “We want to empower our community to recognize the significance these small acts play in protecting our collective health and can think of no better spokespeople for this message than our very own Gwinnett moms, who care the most.”

As Georgia’s most diverse county, with immigrants representing 25% of the population and more than 120 languages spoken, it was important to Gwinnett County leaders to create a campaign reflective of this rich diversity. The moms featured in the campaign are representative of the community and vary in age, race and background – just like the nearly 1 million individuals who make up the fabric of Gwinnett.

Designed to reach as many Gwinnett residents as possible, the #ListenToGwinnettMoms campaign includes robust social media outreach on Gwinnett County’s social channels, as well as outdoor signage and geo-targeted ads online and through audio and video streaming. As an extension of the project, newsletters and emails distributed will include updates throughout the duration of the campaign. To learn more about #ListenToGwinnettMoms and how you can get involved, visit

“These are the kinds of safety tips we grew up hearing at home, and now as our community continues to work to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we know that our moms really do know best,” said District 4 Commissioner and mom Marlene Fosque. “The potential impact for a public health education campaign like this one is tremendous. We look forward to seeing how our community can continue to rise to the challenge of fighting COVID-19 as we look out for each other by embracing and using these safety tips.”

If you are a Gwinnett mom or simply have some motherly COVID-19 safety tips to share, we invite you to join the conversation at #ListenToGwinnettMoms and on Gwinnett County’s social channels at @GwinnettGov.