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Gwinnett Community Foundation launches to connect people to resources during pandemic

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Gwinnett County has always been a unique community that pulls together like no other in times of crisis. Now, as we all stand together to face the COVID-19 pandemic, community partners from all sectors are rallying to put the necessary resources in place to help each other. Hence, has launched. will serve as Gwinnett’s go-to webpage offering real-time information about the most critical needs and how people can help. It will also offer reliable ways for people in need to find the resources they seek. The goal is to care for our community through COVID-19.

The site specifically outlines what donations are needed and where to drop them off to streamline distribution throughout the community. There will be a need for community volunteers, so Volunteer Gwinnett is working to collect a list of people we can call upon as needs arise. Links to critical volunteer opportunities will be spotlighted on the site as they surface. The site also provides information on relief funds established that will allow us to infuse resources to our local nonprofits providing services on the front lines.

Gwinnett is uniquely positioned in that it already has a framework in place to help with something of this magnitude. During the last two years Gwinnett has been developing key collaborative task forces focused specifically on healthcare, food insecurity, homelessness and early education needs in our community. Other overarching teams have also been developed around technology and communications. With these active teams already in place, incorporating key community stakeholders and subject matter experts in each area, Gwinnett has a strong foundation to build upon and less of a ramp-up time to react. Gwinnett stands strong and ready to take care of our own.

That being said, we encourage everyone in the community to share with their family, friends, employees, clients and beyond and to check the site often as needs will shift and change.