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Gwinnett County in 2040: Planning for our Future

Gwinnett County has seen tremendous growth and change in the past 50 years. As we reflect on our first two centuries during the County’s Bicentennial this year, I can think of no better time to be planning for the year 2040 in this great County!

Charlotte J. Nash

The Department of Planning and Development has begun work on the 2040 comprehensive plan, which we call a unified plan. The purpose of the Unified Plan is to provide a blueprint of how the County will develop. Residents and other stakeholders will have a chance to provide input on how they want to see it grow and develop over the next 20-plus years. While future land use is an important aspect of the plan, this document with its maps, also attempts to address people’s needs, opportunities, goals, and vision; transportation, housing, and economic development; natural and cultural resources; and community facilities and capital improvements for Gwinnett County.

Public involvement is critical for creating the Unified Plan. In fact, it’s required by the state’s comprehensive planning standards. The Board of Commissioners held the first of two required public hearings at its evening meeting on Tuesday, December 19. This was the public’s first opportunity to learn more about the Unified Plan’s content and voice any concerns or issues.

To ensure that all residents have ample opportunities to provide input, Planning and Development will conduct a series of public information meetings in January, February, May, and August. Meetings will be held in each of the County’s four commission districts, in addition to other meetings that will be hosted at various county facilities in Lawrenceville.

In addition to traditional community meetings, members of the consultant team – led by Gwinnett-based Pond & Company – will be conducting interviews in public spaces such as the Gwinnett Justice and Administration Center, County parks, and community centers; setting up booths at County festivals and other events to provide information on the plan’s progress; and distributing “living room chat” kits so that residents can have open conversations about Gwinnett’s future at their convenience. If you are asked to provide feedback in any of these ways, please make sure you take a few minutes to voice your thoughts and opinions about planning for the future of the County.

This plan will help shape decisions and policies that will affect the lives of everyone in Gwinnett County in many ways, big and small. Participating in this process could be one of the most significant and influential things you ever do. We look forward to hearing your input!

For more information on the 2040 Gwinnett Unified Plan and to keep up with the plan as it progresses, please visit