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Gwinnett County issues temporary ban on outdoor burning

Gwinnett County Department of Fire & Emergency Services has issued a temporary ban on all outdoor burning due to ongoing drought conditions and severe fire danger.

Gwinnett County  issues temporary ban on outdoor burning

The ban on outdoor burning includes the burning of all yard waste and debris (leaves, branches, twigs and pine straw), commercial land clearing and pit burns as well as the discontinuance of permits for all bonfires. At this time the ban on outdoor burning does not include commercially available fire bowls, fire pits, chimineas or masonry outdoor fireplaces.  Fires in these devices should only be of clean, untreated wood.

The ban on outdoor burning is temporary and will be rescinded when significant rainfall has occurred and the drought conditions have improved substantially.  Further information is available by checking the Gwinnett County Fire Marshal’s website at or contacting their office at 678-518-4980 (Monday – Friday 8am to 5pm).

Please note there is no ban on firebowls, chimineas, or similar devices as long as clean wood (not pressure treated, and no varnish) is being burned.