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Gwinnett County native able to combine career with love of fishing

There are few better stories among the annals of sports than locking horns with “The Biggun.” The Biggun, in this case, is usually the one that got away. Among fishermen, the one that got away is always a little bigger, a little craftier, and a little meaner than the ones you reeled in.

Chris Doster, owner and operator of Spooled Out Guide Service

fishSuch battles are the ultimate in “mano a mano” competition, a victor and a vanquished, a winner and a loser.

Usually, in fishing, it’s the one that got away, and the ardent pursuit of landing that next big fish. It’s why sportsmen strap on the gear and head out on the water at the first hint of daybreak spilling above the horizon to the east each morning.

We want that fish.

To be able to call this one’s livelihood is truly a blessing. Work stress… what work stress? You are on the water, rod and reel in hand, and an empty cooler anxiously awaiting the day’s catch.

Gwinnett County native Chris Doster is living that good life. The owner/operator of Spooled Out Guide Service out of Loganville, Doster has grown up fishing the lakes and feeder streams of Georgia and knows these waters like the back of his hand.

For the past 10 years Doster has specialized in hybrid and striped bass fishing and especially loves how “mean” these great fighting fish are when hooked. This past March, Doster decided to turn his love for fishing into a business and opened his guide service Spooled Out Guide Services.

“I have a true passion chasing these amazing fish and love sharing this passion and my knowledge with other people, which is why I hope to give others an opportunity at a fishing experience they will never forget.”

Spooled Out fishing group had a big day on the lakeSpooled Out fishing group had a big day on the lake
Bass fisherman generally fall into two groups: the large-and-smallmouth bass group, and the Striper bass and hybrids, which is a man-made fish, a cross between a Striper and a white bass. Doster said it’s about a matter of preference when fishing.

“Fishermen have their preference as to what they want to fish for,” he said. “For me, if you really want to go after the big fish, you fish for the striper and hybrids.”

Doster captains a Ranger 2300 bay boat, a fishing boat with enough pole room to accommodate almost any fishing party. His job is to help you catch as many fish as possible, and keep you embraced in comfort while doing it. He specializes in fishing Lake Oconee down near Eatonton, and Lake Allatoona on Atlanta’s northwest side near Marietta, but he will take you anywhere there’s fish.

Ron Prince, the offensive line coach of the Detroit Lions, and his familyRon Prince, the offensive line coach of the Detroit Lions, and his family
Doster specializes in hybrid and striped bass fishing and select crappie trips at a great rate without sacrificing that great quality the novice angler deserves.

“Fishing excursions are also great business mixers, or a relaxing day on the lake catching fish with family and friends,” he said.

The best part about his job, Doster said, is that no two days are the same.

“Every day can be different depending on the weather, time of year, and many other variables,” he said. “On most days we will catch fish, whether it’s just a few or even on good days 50-to-60 fish or better. However, there are the bad days that are possible we may not catch because there is no guarantee.”

Doster said the quality of fishing depends upon the time of year, with the deep-water Stripers and hybrids slowing down as the water temperatures rise around August and staying deep until mid-autumn, around October.

fishing“This morning I was scouting around Lake Oconee for some fresh fishing spots and hauled in 45-50 nice sized fish. Tomorrow might turn out to be entirely different, but we will have a good time fishing.”

Doster does guarantee to work as hard as he can to insure you and your group will have a great day on the water and will do his level best to put fish in the boat.

Most trips will be live bait fishing with different techniques depending on the time of year, with 98 percent of a stripers diet being shad.

“So it makes sense that is what we will be using,” Doster said, a fisherman for most of his life, whose business grew out of his love of watching others catch fish and have a good time. 

Doster has been married to his wife Haleigh for four years. Together, they daughter Aubrey, who is two years old.

For more information about Spooled Out Guide Services or to schedule a fishing expedition with an experienced fishing guide, visit their website at or call 678-618-2967.