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Gwinnett County Public Schools to provide meals free of charge to students and children 18 and younger with Federal waiver

Last week, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) granted additional waiver extensions that allow school districts to offer meals at no charge through December 31 through the Seamless Summer Option (SSO).

Gwinnett County Public Schools to provide meals free of charge to students and to children 18 and younger with Federal waiver

This extension, paired with guidance received from the Georgia Department of Education, will allow Gwinnett County Public Schools to offer meals at no charge at all school sites to all students, effective September 8. These meals are provided at no cost to the individual through the federal School Nutrition Program.

Students Attending School In-Person
Those attending school in-person will receive meals free-of-charge during their school’s scheduled meal times.

Curbside Pick-up for Digital Learners
Digital learners may pick up meals through the curbside pick-up programs at each school, Monday through Thursday, between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. Each day’s pick-up includes both breakfast and lunch with Thursday’s pick-up including meals for Friday. Families should check with their local school for specific curbside pick-up times and the location of the pick-up program. Individuals will not be allowed to enter the school to pick up or eat meals. (A list of the 132 schools offering curbside pick-up appears below.)

Curbside Pick-up for Others 18 Years of Age or Younger:
As part of the Seamless Summer Option, curbside pick-up meals also will be available at no charge to anyone 18 years of age or younger, even to children who are not a GCPS student. Please check with your local school for curbside pick-up times and the location of the pick-up program. Individuals will not be allowed to enter the school to pick up or eat meals.
Gwinnett County Public Schools encourages families who are eligible for the Free & Reduced Meal Program to complete the annual application to ensure meal benefits continue when this waiver expires. The application is available on the GCPS website or at

Schools (Cluster) Offering Curbside Pick-Up of Meals

Alcova Elementary School (Dacula)

Alford Elementary School (Discovery)

Anderson-Livsey Elementary School (Shiloh)

Annistown Elementary School (Shiloh)

Arcado Elementary School (Parkview)

Archer High School (Archer)

Baggett Elementary School (Discovery)

Baldwin Elementary School (Norcross)

Bay Creek Middle School (Grayson)

Beaver Ridge Elementary School (Norcross)

Benefield Elementary School (Discovery)

Berkeley Lake Elementary School (Duluth)

Berkmar High School (Berkmar)

Berkmar Middle School (Berkmar)

Bethesda Elementary School (Berkmar)

Britt Elementary School (South Gwinnett)

Brookwood Elementary School (Brookwood)

Brookwood High School (Brookwood)

Burnette Elementary School (Peachtree Ridge)

Camp Creek Elementary School (Parkview)

Cedar Hill Elementary School (Discovery)

Centerville Elementary School (Shiloh)

Central Gwinnett High School (Central Gwinnett)

Chattahoochee Elementary School (Duluth)

Chesney Elementary School (Duluth)

Coleman Middle School (Duluth)

Collins Hill High School (Collins Hill)

Cooper Elementary School (Archer)

Corley Elementary School (Berkmar)

Couch Middle School (Grayson)

Craig Elementary School (Brookwood)

Creekland Middle School (Collins Hill)

Crews Middle School (Brookwood)

Dacula Elementary School (Dacula)

Dacula High School (Dacula)

Dacula Middle School (Dacula)

Discovery High School (Discovery)

Duluth High School (Duluth)

Duluth Middle School (Duluth)

Duncan Creek Elementary School (Mill Creek)

Dyer Elementary School (Mountain View)

Ferguson Elementary School (Meadowcreek)

Five Forks Middle School (Brookwood)

Fort Daniel Elementary School (Mill Creek)

Freeman’s Mill Elementary (Mountain View)

GIVE Center East (Alternative)

GIVE Center West  (Alternative)

Grace Snell Middle School (South Gwinnett)

Graves Elementary School (Meadowcreek)

Grayson Elementary School (Grayson)

Grayson High School (Grayson)

Gwin Oaks Elementary School (Brookwood)

Harbins Elementary School (Archer)

Harmony Elementary School (Mill Creek)

Harris Elementary School (Duluth)

Head Elementary School (Brookwood)

Hopkins Elementary School (Berkmar)

Hull Middle School (Peachtree Ridge)

Ivy Creek Elementary School (Mill Creek)

Jackson Elementary School (Peachtree Ridge)

Jenkins Elementary School (Central Gwinnett)

Jones Middle School (Mill Creek)

Jordan Middle School (Central Gwinnett)

Kanoheda Elementary School (Berkmar)

Knight Elementary School (Parkview)

Lanier High School (Lanier)

Lanier Middle School (Lanier)

Lawrenceville Elementary (Central Gwinnett)

Level Creek Elementary (North Gwinnett)

Lilburn Elementary School (Meadowcreek)

Lilburn Middle School (Meadowcreek)

Lovin Elementary School (Archer)
Magill Elementary School (South Gwinnett)

Mason Elementary School (Peachtree Ridge)

McClure Health Science High School (Meadowcreek)

McConnell Middle School (Archer)

McKendree Elementary School (Collins Hill)

Meadowcreek Elementary (Meadowcreek)

Meadowcreek High School (Meadowcreek)

Mill Creek High School (Mill Creek)

Minor Elementary School (Berkmar)

Moore Middle School (Central Gwinnett)

Mountain Park Elementary School (Parkview)

Mountain View High School (Mountain View)

Mulberry Elementary School (Dacula)

Nesbit Elementary School (Meadowcreek)

Norcross Elementary School (Norcross)

Norcross High School (Norcross)

North Gwinnett High School (North Gwinnett)

North Gwinnett Middle School (North Gwinnett)

Northbrook Middle School (Peachtree Ridge)

Norton Elementary School (South Gwinnett)

Osborne Middle School (Mill Creek)

Parkview High School (Parkview)

Parsons Elementary School (Peachtree Ridge)

Partee Elementary School (Shiloh)

Patrick Elementary School (Mountain View)

Paul Duke STEM High School (Norcross)

Peachtree Elementary School (Norcross)

Peachtree Ridge High School (Peachtree Ridge)

Pharr Elementary School (Grayson)

Pinckneyville Middle School (Norcross)

Puckett’s Mill Elementary School (Mill Creek)

Radloff Middle School (Meadowcreek)

Richards Middle School (Discovery)

Riverside Elementary School (North Gwinnett)

Roberts Elementary School (North Gwinnett)

Rock Springs Elementary School (Collins Hill)

Rockbridge Elementary School (Meadowcreek)

Rosebud Elementary School (South Gwinnett)

Shiloh Elementary School (Shiloh)

Shiloh High School (Shiloh)

Shiloh Middle School (Shiloh)

Simonton Elementary (Central Gwinnett)

Simpson Elementary School (Norcross)

Snellville Middle School (South Gwinnett)

South Gwinnett High School (South Gwinnett)

Starling Elementary School (Grayson)

Stripling Elementary School (Norcross)

Sugar Hill Elementary School (Lanier)

Summerour Middle School (Norcross)

Suwanee Elementary School (North Gwinnett)

Sweetwater Middle School (Berkmar)

Sycamore Elementary School (Lanier)

Taylor Elementary School (Collins Hill)

Trickum Middle School (Parkview)

Trip Elementary School (Grayson)

Twin Rivers Middle School (Mountain View)

Walnut Grove Elementary School (Collins Hill)

White Oak Elementary School (Lanier)

Winn Holt Elementary (Central Gwinnett)

Woodward Mill Elementary (Mountain View)