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Gwinnett County Schools announce plan to open school with two back to school options

Gwinnett County Public Schools are preparing to start the 2020-21 school year as planned on August 5. As part of the planning process, GCPS gathered feedback from families about their preferred way to return to school.

Back to School

A survey completed in mid-June showed that 43% of parents prefer a return to in-person instruction; 34% prefer 100% digital learning; and, 23% prefer an option that combines in-person instruction with digital learning.

Gwinnett County Public Schools considered this feedback and other relevant information available at the time. Leaders thoroughly studied combining in-person and digital learning. The many challenges related to this option make it one the school system cannot effectively manage with existing resources. Therefore, it was determined that the most prudent course of action is to open the school year with in-person instruction, along with an option for digital learning, for students in grades K-12.    

For immediate planning purposes, the district will be asking all families to tell us which option they prefer for each of their children:

1)    In-person instruction at their child’s school; or

2)    Digital learning for their child at home.

Students will attend school based on the option chosen for all of the first semester (through December). A change may be made after the first nine weeks if it is needed to better serve the student.

On Monday, June 29, an email will be sent to the enrolling parent of every GCPS student. That parent will be asked to select one of the two options for each student in the home. Decisions must be made by July 10. Students in families who do not select an option by July 10 will be assigned to in-person instruction. Families will receive verification of their selection for each child.