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Gwinnett County to launch new, device-responsive website

Lawrenceville – Gwinnett County will launch a new, device-responsive website Friday evening. The new site will make it easier for Gwinnett residents to pay their water bills, learn about upcoming events and stay up to date with the latest Gwinnett County news from a phone or tablet.

A preview showing how the new site will look on mobile and desktop

Besides offering a better experience for device users, the new site also features an updated look inspired by Gwinnett County’s brand. The brand was approved by the Board of Commissioners in November 2017 to provide the county with a modern, business-forward aesthetic that reflects Gwinnett’s vibrant and diverse community.

Gwinnett County Communications Director Joe Sorenson said he hopes the change will encourage residents to take time to explore the new site.

“This website features the same great resources of the old site in a more accessible package,” Sorenson said. “More and more people are using mobile phones and devices to access our resources. Our goal is to make it as easy and efficient as possible for residents to stay connected with Gwinnett County.”

Friday evening’s launch will also feature a new backend technology platform, new web servers, and new navigation.

Visit after Friday evening to explore the new site.