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Gwinnett County: Ways to keep up with your local government

Government exists to serve the people. And people have both a right and a duty to keep an eye on what their governments are doing.

Nicole L. Hendrickson, Chairwoman, Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners

In Gwinnett County, we offer many ways to keep in touch, from online postings of budget details and news releases… to live video of commission meetings… to all sorts of email newsletters.
Electronic communications are key because they eliminate printing and mailing costs and provide instant access since many people depend on their smart phones for the latest news and information. We know not everyone has an internet connection, however, so we still print our flagship newsletter, the Gwinnett County Connection, and include it with water bills every month.
The County has made it a priority to ensure the information residents, businesses, and visitors need is accessible and easy to find. The go-to source is our website,, which is now compatible with mobile devices like phones and tablets. Click on the magnifying glass icon on the home page to search.
The News tab at the top of the home page takes you to County news releases, police, fire and sheriff news, COVID-19 information, the Gwinnett County Connection, and other email newsletters, plus links to our social media pages and podcasts. You can also stream our biweekly video news roundup, Eye on Gwinnett, there or on the home page.

You can subscribe to Gwinnett County Connection – especially if you are enrolled in paperless water bills – and other newsletters, like InGwinnett from the Department Community Services. This single publication combines our parks, health and human services, and UGA Extension program guides with information about enrichment activities and services that reflect our growing, diverse, and vibrant community.
Other email newsletters include News for Neighborhoods, Community Outreach News, Volunteer Gwinnett News, Transit Bulletin, Tag and Tax News, and district newsletters from each of our four district commissioners. You may also find limited print copies of some of the publications at libraries, senior centers, parks, and many County buildings.
For face-to-face interactions, Gwinnett offers programs like Gwinnett 101: Citizens Academy, Gwinnett Youth Commission, and police and fire academies for residents, along with special events such as cultural and heritage celebrations, stream cleanups, recycling collection days, and the annual Multicultural Festival and County Government Open House. These are great ways to socialize, meet new friends, and learn more about how your local county government works.
It takes all of us working together and pulling in the same direction to make Gwinnett County the vibrantly connected community we all want and deserve. And it takes informed residents to make that happen. I encourage to you to take advantage of the many communications resources we offer.