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Gwinnett is outstanding

Gwinnett is outstanding
By Loralee Beard, Magic Moment Photography

One of the best things about growing older is that moment when you realize you’re out of it and you don’t mind it.  I still love jello colored hair accents for example, but I am not certain if I am supposed to be shocked or delighted. 

Photo by Loralee Beard, Magic Moment Photography

This new gesture is so “cutting edge” to me that even the people who do it don’t know what it means. Coach Tanya Downs and Ann Rodgers, head Cheer Coaches at Peachtree Ridge allowed their talented basketball Varsity Cheerleaders to demonstrate this move which is called the Dab, originated in Atlanta and (after 30 minutes intense internet research including a site named “12 Hand Gestures your Teen might be Making and What they Mean”) appears to symbolize nothing at all.  

If Thomas Jefferson were born in these times, he would be a member of the Gwinnett Student Leadership Team. The Class of 2016 is seen in their traditional group picture.  This exemplary program, headed since its inception by Nancy Ward of the Gwinnett County Public Schools, is welcoming sophomores for the first time this Spring. 

Another group of outstanding high schoolers is the 12 students who are chosen as the “Outstand Brookwood High School Seniors” and we were delighted to see Jacob Britt son of Brookwood Junior and Senior Class administrator Shannon Campbell. 
Four of the Five Varsity Soccer Senior Boys coached by Michael Burrell at Collins Hill High School wanted to do this pose.  One boy (who will remain nameless) was not “carried away” by the idea but  gave in to his insistent teammates. 

Photographer Meredith Chastain captured this image of Manuel Myrick, Grayson High School Senior.  Coached by Rebecca Bulloch, Manuel is an outstanding swimmer and qualified for County in the 200IM, 50 Free, 100 Fly, and 100 Free. He placed top 30 in the prelims and made it back to the Finals in both the 200IM and the 100 Free, and is part of the 200 Free Relay Team that finished tenth in the state of Georgia.  This exceptional student athlete plans to attend Georgia State in the fall.

Grayson High School Girls Varsity Soccer won the state title in Spring of 2015 and although it’s a new season, 6 returning players are wearing their State Rings because in Georgia Level 6A sports, all victories are hard won.   The names of the Senior soccer players from Grayson are: 18 – Hannan Yahya, 15 – Andrea Lazcano, 11 – Ella Stevens, Tessa Craft, 8 – Alex Lieto, 9 – Michelle Cruz.

A highlight of the Winter Sport Pep Rally at Dacula High School was the Coach Cookie Eating Contest. I love this picture because of Coach Cat Morgan’s (Cross Country) enthusiastic opening  cheer. I did not expect her PreGame surrender with fellow escapees, Head Football Coach Tommy Jones, and another blindfolded and unidentified Coach.   

In it to win it was JV Boys Soccer Coach Jason Calvin Cook,  Baseball Coach Zach Black and Champion Cookie Guy — Baseball Coach, Brad Hillman.  Under the heading “no good deed goes unpunished”, the blindfolded champion finished off his plate of chocolate chip cookies only to be slipped another full plate. Happily,  he was awarded his well-earned Dacula High School Cookie Eating World Champion title. And no, he did not get a Trophy, Ring or Attaboy for his achievement.

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