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Gwinnett’s all about Fall

When we do Homecoming Crownings, the King and Queen are predictably good looking and charming. However, Brookwood High School Homecoming King, Jacob Oldknow, shown being crowned by Principal Bo Ford, is the next level.  

Photo by Loralee Beard, Magic Moment Photography

 MG 0947190He is universally celebrated and beloved by the entire Brookwood community.   Jacob is the “Social Media Director” for football, baseball and basketball. Mom Laurie summed it up by saying “Jacob is the Twitter Guy”.  Jacob, oldest of four children, is a fan of anything UGA and hopes to attend University of Georgia to  major in Sports Management. 

IMG 6977190Photographer David Schroder captured a moment of nobility when the Central Gwinnett Black Knight Captains took the field on Homecoming Night.  Peachtree Ridge Varsity athletes on another day and time cheered on the Lions led by Head Coach Mark Fleetwood.

The best place in Grayson to celebrate almost anything is on the iconic Grayson G.

All Teams 1349 D 440This large number of Green and Gold cheerleaders are Grayson Cheerleading Youth who squad by squad won 6 out of 8 first places in county wide Gwinnett Football Cheer competition.  Julee Blair, Director and Kathryn Kendrick, Assistant Director manage to attract and keep talented community Coaches—from adults who fit it in with full time jobs to high school students. 

nechanichy190 Mackensie Nechanicky, only daughter and middle of the 5 children of Mindi and John Nechanicky decided in 6th grade that she was “over soccer”.  Her maternal grandmother aka Grammy Dorr is a thinking woman and decided fencing should be Mackensie’s next challenge.  Grammy called every night for encouragement and also determined which Fencing Clubs were in the area.  Not so many years later, Mackensie, who fences with a “foil”  is juggling offers from some nationally ranked colleges while honing her talent at the Eagle Fencing Club in Alpharetta.

IMG 5102190On my best day, I would enter a formal event and walk in a pair of two inch heels as if they were fishing boots.  In contrast, Grayson High School Senior Devia Young and her friend 2016 GHS Graduate Chasstia Alford glided  through the Homecoming  dance in awe inspiring 6 inch masterpieces.  They sat down only to spotlight their footware.

FullSizeRender190By all accounts, Gwinnett county is landlocked which makes first cousins and random scuba divers Blake Schroder and Hayden Barnett (both 4th graders at Grayson Elementary School) somewhat frustrated in their desire to reenact their favorite book, “I Survived a Shark Attack”. Some people say they get their remarkable courage from their maternal Grandmother, a noted Sharkeologist.

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