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Gwinnett’s hot bed of talent

Gwinnett’s hot bed of talent
By Loralee Beard, Magic Moment Photography

I was looking from computer to computer today for a special picture today of my sisters, Linda, Janet and me taken in 2013.  The warning, I have smugly given to numerous clients over my 20 year photo career came back to haunt me: Back up digitally, back up in print.

Photo by Loralee Beard, Magic Moment Photography

Someone, somehow had deleted all images from my computer. In the 3 years since it was taken, I had never printed the picture.  The shoemakers kids have no shoes and the photographer has no recent pictures of her and her sisters. 

Brookwood High School Seniors came for their Senior sittings with Props I could only dream of.  Justin Bieber is a man who shines in cardboard.  Melisa Majdancic has been to a Bieber concert while her best friend of 6 years Kusona Fortingo is no Bielieber but always up for supporting her friend.   
Another Senior with creativity to spare is Geoff Gibbons. As an animal lover, I was mesmerized by his pet Tyrone the Fox who accompanied the  Peachtree Ridge Senior to his Senior sitting. Geoff adopted Tyrone on a family trip to Charleston at historical Charles Towne Landing at the gift shop there.   Tyrone’s interests include attending Geoff’s classes every day and peeking out the top of Geoff’s backpack.  He also watches over the ‘pit section’ of the marching band perched atop Geoff’s marimba.   Geoff is an Eagle Scout and Tyrone has been on many camping trips, rock climbing trips, and sailing outings.  Geoff is planning a double major in biochemical engineering and computer science and would like to attend Tulane University or a major technical university.  Tyrone the Fox plans to hunt small birds and play tug of war with his fox peer group. 

Magic Moment’s Meredith Chastain’s daughters Ryan and Teegan  first met Emily Whittier when Emily helped her Mom teach preschool at Lawrenceville United Methodist Church.  Now Emily is a 2016 graduate at Collins Hill High School and part of the celebration is realizing she is headed for University of Georgia in the fall. As a 4 year CHHS band member, she is excited to be part of the “props crew” with the famous Redcoat Marching Band.  

Central Gwinnett head football coach Todd Wofford, shown with Urban Meyer in front of the beloved CGHS Castle, has the ability  to draw excellence to whatever he does.  A native of Barrow County who played college football at Presbyterian College, Todd’s wife Aja and their four children now live in Lawrenceville.

Coach Wofford recently hosted Ohio State college coaching legend Urban Meyer for a “Central Gwinnett Elite Football Camp” open to any area football athlete from 9th to 12th grade. Highlighting the well attended camp was a closing speech by the Ohio State Coach.  And yes, our Gwinnett area is being recognized nationally as a hotbed of talent.  

The love of swimming tends to be passed on in families. My daughters Meghan and Tarn swam  in the 1990’s on the South Gwinnett swim team with Monica Gomez Landress and now all three women are back at North Forke Swim team in Grayson watching their young children compete.  Shown are Monica’s twins. Tessa and Tristan.

When Nancy Ward books us to photograph the Gwinnett leadership “Summit” every May, I clear my calendar and prepare to be entertained.  One tradition is that each of the 23 participating schools, does an opening cheer. This year one of the more expressive presentations was by the delegation from Gwinnett School of Math, Science and Technology.

After 3 years, I got a chance to photograph the Kiefaber family on the beautiful acreage one son and his wife now own. Susie is a beloved “client friend” who has been the Administrative Assistant for Archer High School since it opened. Part of the fun of doing their Picture is 1)beautiful setting, 2)always new adorable family members, 3)dogs included in the picture.

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