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Gwinnett Technical College and Georgia State University Sign Nursing Transfer Agreement

New Agreement Paves Way for Gwinnett Tech Nursing Students to Earn BSN

Gwinnett Technical College and Georgia State University Sign Nursing Transfer Agreement

GWINNETT – NORTH FULTON – On Wednesday, May 31, 2017 Georgia State University President, Dr. Mark Becker and Gwinnett Technical College President, Dr. D. Glen Cannon enthusiastically signed an articulation agreement that allows Gwinnett Tech’s two-year RN students a smooth transfer of credits to Georgia State to enable them the opportunity to further their studies.

The articulation is designed to minimize loss of credit and course duplication when Associate Degree registered nursing students transfer from Gwinnett Tech to Georgia State in pursuit of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. This agreement opens opportunities for Gwinnett Tech registered nursing graduates to continue their education past the associate degree level and earn a four-year degree.

An articulation agreement is an officially approved agreement between two institutions, which allows students to apply credits earned in specific programs at one institution toward advanced standing, entry or transfer into a specific program at the other institution. This helps students make a smooth transition from one institution to another by minimizing duplication of coursework. Because articulation agreements are between institutions, they do not require students to make individual arrangements.

• Dr. Cannon shares, “As more students start their post-secondary education at two-year colleges with the intention of transferring to a four-year institution, articulation has become a significant part of the higher education system.” Cannon continues, “Gwinnett Tech is committed to partnerships like this, so we can continue to provide many career building opportunities to our students in order to prepare them for the workforce demands of tomorrow.”

• The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services estimates that the nation will need at least 2,575,000 nurses by the year 2020. Dr. Indira Tyler, Gwinnett Tech’s Dean of Nursing Sciences says, “Nursing stands at the top of Georgia’s list when it comes to employment growth. The reality is that Georgia has too few nurses. Gwinnett Tech is ever mindful of the need and stands committed to doing our part to address this critical labor shortage. As older nurses retire at record numbers and the patient population ages, we must continue to make it a priority to grow the next generation of highly trained nurses to meet the demand of the healthcare industry.”

A two-year nursing degree allows students to be eligible for many thousands of excellent jobs that require Registered Nursing (RN) licensure. Many students earn an associate degree, start their nursing career, and then continue to pursue their bachelor’s degree with a specialization in nursing. The average annual salary for Georgia’s RNs is about $63,000, according to Nurse Salary Guide.

The nursing articulation with Georgia State University is just one of many at Gwinnett Tech that enable the smooth transfer of credits to other institutions of higher learning.

Gwinnett Technical College offers more than 140 degree, diploma and certificate program options that can be completed in two years or less. For more information about career-focused education at Gwinnett Tech, visit or call 770-962-7580.