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Having the Rock

The changing world through the events of the day are before us like never before. Technology has made it possible to watch the world change literally as it is happening anywhere in the world.

Rev. Robert Thompson

The face of the earth is changing with respect to geographical features. It is changing due to the effects of time, climate, shifting land masses and man’s engineering. Our culture is changing from the effects of the shifting of mores caused by economics, shifting population groups, the media, governmental influences and spiritual influences in a downward spiral to destruction.

Our aging bodies and life experiences are relentlessly before us. Technology has made it possible to watch our life change literally as it is happening anywhere in it from head to toe. Our life is changing with respect to its physical features. It is changing due to the effects of time and shifting masses! Our mental stability is changing from the effects of time and shifting mores caused by our economic condition. How we spend our time and money, our physical and mental condition, the people we are around, the events we experience, affect our quality of life.

Both of these areas of our existence are in a constant state of downward flux, ever changing, ever moving toward the end. We are told in our Bibles that one of these days this world will pass away. We know that one of these days we will pass away due to the change that is happening. We see that happening with others every day. So here we stand like the child on a throw rug waiting for his brother to mischievously pull the rug out from under us. How depressing, how desperate. 

So what do we have, as Christians, that others despair and seek, mind and body numbing adventures to escape the inevitable water fall of life? We have this marvelous, outstanding, stupendous, awesome, spectacular statement also in the Scriptures that says: “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and for-ever. Do not be carried away….”, Hebrews 13:8. We can see the same Jesus Christ through the course of redemptive his-tory in Scripture. With Him there is “no variation or shifting shadow”, James 1:17. He is ever with us, “All that the Father gives Me shall come to Me.”, John 6:37. “Nevertheless I am continually with You; You have taken hold of my right hand.”, Psalm 73:23. As the rest of creation continues to wind down, we are winding up! Up toward our redemption and renewal because our Christ NEVER changes! His sustaining presence is with us forever. That will never change

Dear one if you happen to look down at your feet today and see a rug under them and the world, the Devil or your own self is stooping down to grab the end of it to give it a jerk, step back onto the Rock of your salvation, Who is always with you. Stay under the cloud of the Almighty.

Robert Thompson has been the senior pastor of Chapel Woods Presbyterian Church in Snellville since May 2003. He graduated from Covenant Theological Seminary in 1986. Robert is also Chairman of the Board of Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship. He and his wife Wanda have been married for 43 years. They have three adult daughters, Amanda and twins Rebecca and Sarah. Amanda is married to Jerry Jones and they have three daughters of their own. Rebecca is married to Wesley Payton; they have two sons. Sarah is married to Mark Magdziarz and they have two daughters and two sons.

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