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The single most important aspect for a musculoskeletal pain physician whether you have low back pain, neck pain, joint pain, nerve pain or muscle pain or a combination of problems is to properly identify the cause or causes of pain (pain generators), until that is achieved the Physician will be treating symptoms (pain) and not the underlying problem, the sooner it can be done, the sooner a specific treatment can be established for the patient.

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Podiatrists treat a wide range of ankle and foot conditions

A study by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) found that 77 percent of Americans have experienced foot pain and half say that foot pain has restricted their activities.

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 Dr. Elizabeth Kobe

Pregnancy Q&A with Dr. Elizabeth Kobe of Montreal OB/GYN
By Elizabeth Kobe, D.O.

It’s very easy to hear only part of the whole story when listening to television talk shows or reading short health articles these days. Elizabeth Kobe, D.O., a physician specializing in obstetrics and gynecology with DeKalb Medical Physicians Group Montreal OB/GYN in Tucker, Ga., answers a few of the most frequently asked questions that are not always fully answered in popular media outlets:

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Rebecca Paden, BCND

It’s the food
By Rebecca Paden, BCND

Recently I attended and spoke at a cancer survivor banquet. After the luncheon one of my patients came up to me and said “you know what is missing? More discussion about prevention. We discussed treatment, detection and research but nothing about prevention.” She was spot on. My mentor, Dr. John McDougall, M.D. published the first study accepted in a scientific journal on the dietary treatment of breast cancer which was published in 1982.

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Gwinnett Medical Center

Lawrenceville, Ga.– Interviews are underway at Gwinnett Medical Center (GMC) for the new internal medicine residency program. The first class of internal medicine residents will begin training in June 2015; GMC hopes to accept up to five residents during the first year.

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