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Healthy Beautiful Smiles

As dentists, we are always focused on creating healthy beautiful smiles. For several years I have completed successful cosmetic cases only to have something that continues to nag me as I look beyond the teeth.

Dr. Darin Wasileski

It’s as if we have painted a beautiful picture, but we have not given it the frame it deserves. I am, of course, referring to those dreaded wrinkles we all get as we age. I have so often had a patient state in jest, “My teeth are beautiful, now if we could just do something about these wrinkles.”

As dentists, we have all been extensively trained in head, neck and facial anatomy. When viewing a patient, I know exactly which muscles are causing those dynamic wrinkles, and where each is anatomically located. I also understand the cause of those stubborn static wrinkles that remain when the face is at rest. So, the next logical step has become to treat the face as a whole. This works well in a dental setting as patients are often on regular recalls for check-ups and can get these treatments at the same appointment. They can also get these treatments when they are already numb for dental work.

Our goal has always been to achieve an esthetic result that “wows” the patient. We can now create that youthful face and beautiful smile in the same setting utilizing both Botox and Juvaderm (dermal fillers).

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