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Healthy, Happy Friends – August 2013

Healthy, Happy Friends - August 2013
By Joan Sewell

After my last column where I spoke of the tree falling in my yard, I had several calls from people with the same problem.  It seems that Hugh Griffin and Eve Hall had the same thing happen to them and they wisely had the trees chopped into the stove or fireplace sizes, which they donated to local community service agencies to provide heat for the upcoming winter season.  That’s thinking ahead, folks!  Way to go!

Caroline Livsey, Clara Scott, Gene Williams and Barbara Carter have all been helping out at Vacation Bible Schools at their assorted churches.  I’m sure many more H2U members were involved in these kinds of activities but these are just a few I know about.  

Betty DeLong and Evelyn Carpenter have been sharing their bumper crop of tomatoes and squash with Feed the Hungry campaigns.  Somehow even with far too much rain, these master gardeners have managed to have beautiful harvests.  

Ruth and Jim Welty are moving to downsize and fewer chores.  Thankfully, they are staying within the area.  Ruth was the founder of the Hi-Lo Chorus that entertains so many people each month.  Jim is a member of the mailing committee that sends out our newsletter.  We wish them pleasant move.  They mentioned that they are gathering things to donate to the September 6th Alzheimer’s sale.  The sale would appreciate books, decorative items, furniture, linens, kitchen ware but please don’t send any clothes.  

Happy Birthday Wishes go to Margaret Ellis, Joan Goldsack, Darlene Mahring, Joan Meyberg, and Thad Parsons.  We wish Paul Parham, Helen Williams, Roy Schorn, and Anna Roupe pleasant days and improving health.