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Healthy, happy friends-August 2014

Did you miss me? I have been dealing with a case of bronchial pneumonia that required a five day hospital stay.

I came home three weeks ago with the services of a home health nurse and a physical therapist supplemented with an oxygen tank and breathing treatments. 

Long ago, the country music singer Tennessee Ernie Ford use to say there were times when he was “as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs”. I laughed at that remark but I don’t think I really appreciated it until now.

When you find yourself homebound connected to a 50 foot plastic tube, attached to an oxygen supplier, that phrase takes on a whole new meaning. You get out of your chair and head to the bathroom and find that you have to turn and go around the coffee table to have enough cord. The cord has then wrapped around your lamp which lands with a bang in the middle of the floor. You pick up the lamp, thereby getting your foot caught in a tangle of light bulb glass and cord. It is then that you feel sorry for that long-tailed cat. She is stuck with that tail for life and there is still a possibility that you may not have the cord forever.

The health screenings held last month were well-attended and the community benefits so much from these kinds of activities by our hospital staff. There is a driving course for older people available at the south campus of the medical center sponsored by AARP. This course is different from the old 55 Drive Alive Course as it covers new road construction plans at busy intersections as well as driving safely using the new technology installed in cars. Most insurance companies give a discount for drivers who finish the course.

They finished redoing the cafeteria at South Campus and it is really nice. It looks more home-like with soft beautiful colors and tables scattered about rather than in rows. Good job, folks! All volunteer members have had their yearly TB tests.

The Seniors on the Go July meeting was crowded as usual and many good day trips were presented. I am hoping to be well enough to attend the Jonesboro – Tara trip on September 22. The museum is filled with memorabilia from the Gone With the Wind movie. This particular trip you do not have to be an H2U member to take but you had best  get in contact with Cathy Stokes in a hurry.

Happy birthday wishes go to Willene Cheek, Baster Dollar, Sandra Green, Tina Harris and Bishop Ralph Johnson. Here is hoping for pleasant days and improving health to Robert Hasser, Bill Hall, Ida Graham and Harold Cheek. Congratulations to Beverly Winston who just welcomed twin grandsons.