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Help Your Home Beat the Summer Heat

Is your system having trouble keeping you comfortable during the dog days of summer? Here are three ways to beat the extreme summertime heat.

Regularly Change Your Filter
The easiest thing you can do to help keep your system running smoothly, especially in the summer months, is to change your filter at least every 60 days. Got pets? Consider every 30 days.

Your system needs strong air flow, and fresh filters let your system “breathe” cool air into every corner of your home.

Schedule a Professional Tune-up
Did you know your system performs significantly better if you schedule the twice-annual maintenance it’s designed for?

Imagine driving your car for 50,000 miles and never changing the oil or doing any other maintenance. It wouldn’t perform very well, and neither will your A/C unit.

For the price of taking your family out for a decent meal, our highly trained HVAC technicians will get your system in tip-top shape with a comprehensive 21-point precision tune-up for just $78.

After our tune-up, your A/C’s performance and efficiency will drastically improve, providing you with cooler air and lower energy bills!

Explore New Energy Efficient Systems
If your system is 8-10 years old or older and you know it’s about to kick the bucket, stop wasting money by repairing an old unit that will soon fail. Modern systems are significantly more efficient than ten-year-old technology, costing much less to operate while delivering much more comfort.

There are options for every budget, and convenient 0% financing for qualified customers to spread out your investment.

Schedule a free estimate and get the ultimate peace of mind by considering a new American Standard air conditioner; you’ll be surprised at the bang for your buck with new systems!

These systems are rated #1 in reliability by a leading consumer digest and will provide your family with years of comfort, all backed by our Comfort Match Parts & Labor Warranty.

For a complete tune-up or a free estimate, call Holtkamp Heating & Air at 470-223-1176 and we’ll bring comfort your way!