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Hey Y’all: Drawers, Doors, Lights. Oh My!

There must be a gremlin living in this house. I don’t know where he is, but I know he must be here somewhere. Drawers are never completely closed.

Marlene Ratledge Buchanen

In my son’s room, drawers are not only open, but things are hanging out. That little gremlin must have been rooting around in there for something. I drives me crazy.

Then there are the doors to cabinets. I walk by the kitchen cabinets and all the doors are tidily closed. The next time I come into the room all of the doors are standing open. No one is around, but the doors are wide open.

And lights. A completely empty room is well lit. I know for a fact that I turned off that light when I went out of the room. Now it is on. That gremlin must be pretty tall. He can open cabinet doors and reach light switches.

And things on the counter. When I finished with something I put it back in the cupboard. The counter is clean and clear of clutter. I come back in a few minutes and there are utensils, dirty glasses, and cereal boxes sitting on the counter. Sometimes there is a knife and pieces from an apple laying there.

Calling out reminders to close doors, turn off lights, and shut drawer’s falls on deaf ears.

So I know a tall, deaf, partially blind, untidy gremlin with a love of sweets and apples is living in this house.

Wonder where he hides? Could the gremlin be in that unmade bed with all the stuff around it? Under the clean clothes heaped up in pile on the chair? Beside the big cat snoozing beside a lump? A LUMP!

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