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Hey Y’all: Fall Means Fun

Boo Y’all!

Marlene Ratledge Buchanen

Fall weather, colorful leaves, trick or treating, festivals, and lots of candy. Yep, this is the time for all that great stuff.  Fall means fun.

Have you picked out your pumpkins for carving?  How about those old recipe cards you keep planning to alphabetize?  You know you have a scrumptious pumpkin pie receipt there. 

Have you been crafting all year?  Now is the time to enter all those festivals. Couldn’t you enjoy a candy apple right now?
It seems every community has a fall festival with music, food, crafts, and just plain old joyousness.  The weather is nice.  The temperatures are down. The humidity is bearable. Now is the time to get outside and enjoy yourself. Have a blast sampling different foods and enjoying the all the great creations of your community. 

Where is your witches’ hat? Do you have the costumes ready for all your hobgoblins? 

I remember when witches, princesses, and pirates roamed our streets. Now they are Furry beast at least seven feet tall and robotic critters. The Disney Princesses still are prevalent, but some of the creatures are totally unrecognizable to me? Pokémon and his digitalized friends seem to be about even with Pound Puppies.

Every Halloween should have a Haunted House feature in the community.  It isn’t Halloween without macaroni noodle brains, and peeled grape eye balls. Karol syrup and food coloring for blood complete with pretzel bones for dipping is such a delight. 

Blood Oaks was a Haunted House in this area. It was well known and people traveled to attend.  Unless the dead body rose up in the casket pointed at you and said in a desiccated voice, “It is you. You will be next to die,’’ you were safe.  The Mad Scientist and his assistant Igor welcomed you into the lab filled with body parts and spooky sounds.  You sat down on a bench to see the Mad Scientist perform one of his crazy electrical experiences. The lights dimmed, the electrical bolts started sparking, and you got an electrical charge in your fanny!

From homemade costumes to the elaborate, people find Halloween a great escape from the daily duties of life.  Dress up. Decorate your yard, have a fun filled Halloween.

Go to your neighborhood festivals and fairs. They are both educational and enjoyable.  Mostly they are fun.  Enjoy yourself.

And remember the witches’ curse:

Double, Double, chocolate candy
Toil and Trouble, with nuts and nougat
Fire Burn and cauldron bubble, overflowing with hot chocolate and marshmallows

A southern humorist, Marlene is the 2020 Georgia Independent Author of the Year for Life is Hard, Soften It with Laughter and 2021 GIAYA for A Place with a Past. Marlene is available for speaking engagements. You may reach her through her website