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Hey Y’all | Home Cooked Meals

You all know how I feel about cooking. I really don’t mind cooking, as long as you do it. A kitchen was included in our house, but it was strictly for resale value.

Marlene Ratledge Buchanen

Sam and Nicole with their daughter AvaSam and Nicole with their daughter AvaSomeone told me she needed to replace her 30-year-old cookware.  She asked me what kind I had and if I was pleased with it.  Oh yes, I am very pleased.  It is still almost new, and I have had it for over 40 years now.   Then she foolishly asked me what I had (I don’t know) and if I had to replace it, would I get the same thing.  I finally told her I had replaced all my cookware with neighborhood eateries.  And promptly gave her my list of local restaurants. 

I ran into someone else at Kellie’s in Loganville.  She said, “I only see you here.”  “That’s right.  It is Monday.  Monday is Kellie’s for pork chops. Come on Friday, and I will see you again for Jimmy’s unbelievable ribs.” We have a place for every night of the week.  Sometimes they vary.  And we do add a new place when we find one. 

But, joy of joys!!!  We have found another family to adopt us, Sam and Nicole Bazid.  They own Sam’s on Main in Grayson.  They took over the Old Post Office restaurant space.   Sam’s on Main serves American Mediterranean food, and Sam is the chef.    My husband Snell told me we can add them in on one day a week plus Saturday or Sunday, not every other day.  I swear I would go more often.  Their menu has so many delightful selections.  We haven’t tried them all, but we are working on it!  Snell had a steak kabob that was so tender you didn’t even need to chew it.  Our friends the Kitchens met us there one night.  Miss Teena Kitchens, soon to be 92, had the fried chicken breast with Country Potatoes and grilled squash.  She said the chicken was very tender and raved about the squash and potatoes.  Larry and Patti Kitchens had prime rib sandwich and grilled flounder.  Both almost refused to share, it was so good. Our son James ate one of the fried flounder dishes and this boy has a hollow leg.

He can eat.  He had so much that he brought part of it home. He has since ordered it several times.

Besides the traditional American meals, there are a number of Mediterranean dishes. I have had several and they are all delicious.  Want just a salad?  Try the Mediterranean with gyro meat.  That may be my favorite of the moment.   But the prime rib last Saturday made me really happy, too.  OH, the fried green tomatoes with goat cheese and relish was pretty wonderful. And that Wisconsin Bleu Cheese hamburger –yeah, I don’t have a favorite.   None of us do.  We each order something different and share. So far, it has all been scrumptious.  OH!  Be sure to try the Country Potatoes.  The marinade and seasonings are to die for.

Sam’s is open daily—yep, seven days a week.  They serve from 11:00 am until 9:00pm during the week, 10:00 pm on Friday and Saturday.   On Sunday, they serve breakfast;  open at 9:00 am and close at 7:00 pm.

Want to see me?  Meet me at Sam’s Sunday morning.

Another woman that I thought knew me pretty well asked, “Don’t you ever cook?  Don’t you miss home cooked meals?” Geez, get over it.  Snell said when he retired he would take over the cooking.  He did, and after three months, James and I fired him.

I figure if you know every staff member in the restaurant, get invited to their weddings, baby showers and graduation ceremonies that makes you family.  If it is family, then it is a home cooked meal at one of my family’s houses—Kellies, Baby Jane’s, The Grill, Cup & Saucer and now Sam’s on Main!