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Home is where the heart is

They say home is where the heart is and Legacy State Bank has both its home and heart in Loganville and the surrounding areas.

With so many national chain banks being headquartered in other parts of the country, and so many banks being merged, bought, or sold these days, it is refreshing to know that ONE bank has its roots firmly planted in the area where we all live, work, and play. Legacy State Bank is now the only remaining locally owned bank in Loganville. 

Since Legacy State Bank’s inception in 2005, the bank has focused on the businesses and individuals that make up and surround this great community.  Through local ownership, local management, and local decisions, your financial future…your legacy… is being handled by people who are a part of the community that you call home.

Whether you have personal banking needs, you are the owner of a business, or you are the head of a local organization or association, Legacy State Bank looks forward to serving you and the needs of this community for years to come.  From checking and savings accounts to mortgage and other consumer loans, the bank has the experience and desire to help.  In addition to consumer banking, Legacy State Bank plays a key role in supporting local businesses and other organizations in and around our community.  It is the level of service and breadth of products and services offered that helps to make our community a better place to live.

For more information about how Legacy State Bank can help you develop YOUR financial legacy, call 770.554.BANK, go to, or drop by the Loganville office at 3825 Harrison Road today!