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Home repairs & check list – tips for Fall & Winter

Home repairs & check list - tips for Fall & Winter
By Rodney Camren

Remembering to turn back the clock is not the only thing a homeowner should remember to do during the cool months of fall and the some harsh months of winter.  All too often we get in our groove of daily life and forget it’s not only our car that needs an oil change and tune up but our home needs general maintenance as well, especially when the temperature changes. 

Rodney Camren, Star Team Atlanta

Drip drip drip isn’t quite the problem for leaky faucets during the summer.  Even with some very cold and freezing nights it is recommended that you leave a faucet dripping to prevent the pipes from freezing and then busting.  When water freezes it expands, pushing firmly against the walls of the pipes until they bust.  A simple way of correcting this is to ensure you have fixed any leaks you may have now, insulate your pipes and insulate areas where cold winds or drafts could change the temperatures of your piping.  

All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey, well guess where those leaves are falling?  That’s right straight into your gutters!  It is recommended by a lot of gutter companies to clean them at least twice a year, one gutter cleaning in the spring from all the buds and dirt and the second in the fall.  Over buildup of dirt, debris and leaves can cause stoppage & blockage of the gutter to cause improper drainage.  That drainage could easily ruin your soffits and potentially find a way into your home causing greater concerns such as mold issues.  However, cleaning your gutters is not only disgusting and tedious it can also be a very dangerous situation as well.  The obvious one of course is falling off the ladder or falling off the roof.   Other safety concerns include having eyewear for things that may fly out while using a hose from the gutters.  You may want to consider gloves too.  This will protect your hands from cuts when reaching into the gutters during cleaning. 

As the temperatures drop and you get a little colder we all need the heat.  There are two ways to produce that heat and both need to be checked on a regular basis.  The first is if you are using the HVAC then have a local technician come out and to do a little tune up.  The inspector will check and change the filters along with inspecting & cleaning your vents and ducts.  Be sure to ask them about check for and correct any hazardous carbon monoxide levels generated by your heating system.  If you are using the romantic fireplaces to heat your home during the winter months you certainly want to have it inspected and cleaned or you will be roasting more than chestnuts on that open fire.  Statistics show wood burning appliances have become the largest source of heating-related fires in U.S. homes, so it’s important to understand how to safely maintain your chimney and fireplace.  Creosote is black tar-like residue that collects from previous fires and is highly combustible, which is why it is extremely important for you to have your chimney swept once a year.  

Caulking your windows and doors will really help you when it comes to your heat staying inside the home versus heating your neighborhood.  This simple step may take a little time depending on how many windows and doors you have on your home.  However this step will save money, keep the heat in and those unwanted critters out.  Yes those little bugs don’t like the cold weather either and they will search your home for an entrance so they too can enjoy the heat you provide them.  

Many of you think about cleaning carpets during the spring when it is “Spring Cleaning”.  However, I feel now is the best time to clean those carpets.  Why you ask?  Well I am glad you did.  It is because of the upcoming holidays.  You will be entertaining for Thanksgiving and other upcoming holidays such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve.  It is best to clean those carpets now then to have your friends and family think badly of your soiled rugs.  Another tip for this fall weather is to get up in the attic and do a little touch up cleaning there as well.  Usually when spring and summer get here it is way too hot (as heat rises) to be in the attic and do anything for too long.  

Your outside lighting is something that people seem to overlook.  Now that the days are shorter and nightfall is here by the time you get out of 5 o’clock traffic it is important you can find your way to the front door.  Outside lighting around your home can prevent you from falling or hurting yourself.  Make sure your light bulbs have been changed and your motion lights are working.

I hope these tips have been helpful and as we go into the fall months I want to wish you and your family the best & safest holidays!  

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