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How advanced access scheduling can help you

For many of us, medical visits fall into one of two categories: urgent appointments that are unplanned or scheduled appointments planned months in advance.

The truth is, most of us could use an option combining the convenience of a same-day scheduled visit with the familiarity of seeing a primary care physician. Finally, such an option has arrived.

Advanced Access Scheduling is Here

Strickland Family Medicine Center, a primary care service of Gwinnett Medical Center, is introducing a new system of advanced access scheduling. It will provide a way to schedule same-day appointments with a primary care physician.

The way advanced access scheduling works is by having open appointment times booked so that there is availability for people who call and need to be seen the same day. This contemporary change to the schedule is focused on improving patient satisfaction and care.

“With the introduction of this new scheduling system, there will be greater continuity in care, and patient access to care will dramatically increase,” says Mark Darrow, MD, Graduate Medical Education Director at Gwinnett Medical Center. 

In addition to its convenience, advanced access scheduling offers other benefits. Most notably among these is that seeing your primary care physician, who has knowledge of your medical history, ensures more accurate care and may also lower cost by preventing any unnecessary duplication of screenings or procedures.

About SFMC

Strickland Family Medicine Center is a new, state-of-the-art family medicine teaching facility that is helping transform the health of our community. SFMC is focused on engagement between the patient, his or her family, and the broader medical team.

Families now have access to medical care from trusted physicians who can meet all of their needs in one location, as a range of treatment options are available from maternity and newborn care to geriatrics and chronic disease management. 

Take advantage of this new scheduling service by calling 678-312-0400, or learn more about Strickland Family Medicine Center at