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How fast does your REALTOR move?

It’s 2014 and everything moves faster, including Real Estate!
It’s a bird! It’s a Plane, NO! It’s a Keller Williams Realtor Mobile App! Does selling your home to a 15-year-old teenager sound ridiculous?

Rodney Camren, Star Team Atlanta

Well, one, it’s not legal and two realistically most teenagers don’t have enough money to pay for their cell phone bill. However, it is their cell phones that they stay on 24 – 7. That not only includes teenagers but adults as well. If you plan to sell your home over the next 5-10 years you need to understand the behavior patterns of the next generation, believe it or not, ladies and gentlemen that will be today’s 15-year-old teenagers. According to most statistics and all you have to do is look around to see, people are spending more time on their mobile phones than ever before. As consumers continue to stay on their phones things like geolocation and mobile tagging can help better understand the consumer. Most predict that by the end of 2014 and early 2015 mobile internet searches will exceed desktop searches. According to Google, there are over 4 billion mobile phones in use and 40 million tablets. The total number of cellphones has surpassed desktops five times over. 82% of U.S. adults own a cellphone.

On there is a great interview with Tomi T. Ahonen, he’s a consultant, prolific author, inspirational speaker, and a blogger – perhaps the world’s most influential mobile blogger in the world, according to Forbes columnist Haydn Shaughnessy. He also supports the idea that “If companies/organizations want to engage customers and clients, retain them, learn more about them and sell to them, then they need to plan a cohesive and agile mobile strategy that will prepare them for the years ahead. That’s why the world needs mobile visionaries, people who can and are brave enough to, interpret the trends and innovation and share their vision of how mobile will shape the world.” He also goes on to state “Mobile is on the agendas of most major corporations now, but few of these have mobile as their core business.” Well in Real Estate that is true with the exception of one company, Keller Williams Realty. Keller Williams Realty is also the exclusive Realty partnership with Google. Nathan Rader, Keller Williams Realty’s Southwest Google Apps sales manager, regarding technology and the KW Mobile App stated in August 2013 “I could smell in the air the love for KW and building a legacy in their local real estate market.”

On August 8th, 2013 Keller Williams made a press release “Keller Williams Realty Becomes First Real Estate Franchise To Release Agent-Branded Mobile Search App” Keller Williams Realty, the largest real estate franchise company in the United States, announced today the release of a mobile app customized for each of its 88,000 associates. The company is the first real estate franchise to offer every agent and office an individually branded real estate search app.

Agents receive a unique URL and text code to share with consumers. When consumers use the app, they can easily search and compare properties and connect directly with their agent of choice about the listings they want to see. “At Keller Williams, we’re agent-centric and consumer-centric at the same time,” CEO Mark Willis said. “By being the first to provide our associates with their own branded app, we are empowering them to achieve extraordinary results and deliver exceptional client service. And by providing consumers with an easy-to-use app filled with helpful features, we’re putting the home search process where consumers want it most – in the palm of their hand.” The app – which is provided at no cost to real estate agents or consumers – is available for Apple and Android platforms.

Features for agents include: Advanced lead capture capabilities with leads from all MLS listings going directly into eEdge in accordance with Keller Williams Realty’s “My Listings, My Leads” philosophy; Individually branded app with the associate, team or market center name and contact information; Fully integrated with Keller Williams Realty’s proprietary listing database, as well as IDX where available in the U.S. and Canada; and Listings appear to homebuyers searching in the area.

Features for consumers include: The ability to search for homes based on criteria or by custom drawing on an interactive map; GPS localized data displays homes in a given area that match the consumer’s price range; The ability to easily swipe through galleries of photos to decide whether a home fits one’s needs and then add it to saved searches for convenient reference on the app or via the agent’s website, where the saved searches are synced; The ability to save notes on properties for future reference; and Faster communication between agents and consumers via call, text or email.

“The Keller Williams app is a powerful tool for our associates to serve their communities,” President Mary Tennant said. “We passionately believe that real estate is a local service business and our app reflects that philosophy. We are honored to be in business with associates who continue to lead the way in creating win-win experiences for consumers.”

Here are three common Questions & Answers for the KW Mobile User:

1) Q: What is the Keller Williams Real Estate Search App?
A: It is a mobile app that allows you to connect with your Keller Williams Realty agent. This GPS-enabled app allows you to easily search for properties, view local property details with photos, create notes about what you like for each property, share property information with family and friends and much more.

2) Q: How does the Keller Williams Real Estate Search App benefit me as a Homebuyer?
A: This user-friendly, robust app makes finding a home to buy or rent snap. You don’t only have access to homes associated with a Keller Williams Realty agent, but access to all homes & commercial properties in the MLS database. Save searches and listings based on your dream home criteria. Plus, a Keller Williams agent is just a click away to provide more information or schedule a walk-through.

3) Q: How does the Keller Williams Real Estate Search App benefit me as a home seller?
A: With this app, your Keller Williams listing agent has another crucial outlet to find homebuyers. Your home automatically appears in this GPS-enabled app with a stylish photo gallery and listing details to showcase your home whether the homebuyer is searching at home or on the go. Download the KW App today and enter to win $50,000 – Visit then enter the agent code: KWQ5DNL8

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