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I can’t do it on my own!

I have tried so many times and can’t lose the weight and keep it off!I Need Help!

Suraj Menachery, M.D.

The truth of the matter is that losing weight is a battle most of us have fought in our lives.  We have all won and lost multiple times as it is the #1 medical problem in the USA currently.  Many advertisements, TV ads, radio spots, and clinics focus on weight loss, yet it continues to plague our nation.  The truth is some are able to lose weight on their own, but many, if any at all, can maintain a significant weight loss.

Obesity has become an epidemic in our country and is taking Americans on a fast train to extreme healthcare costs and other major health problems that are called co-morbidities.  Five major co-morbid factors that are associated with obesity and affecting Americans include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, arthritis, and diabetes.  Other numerous conditions are associated with obesity and include but are not limited to sleep apnea, depression, asthma, reflux, degenerative joint disease, infertility, ulcers, and migraines.  The American Diabetes Association estimates 25 million people in the US currently have a diagnosis of diabetes with 79 million having a diagnosis of pre-diabetes.  This lends itself to over 300 million people in our country with diabetes!

The best gauge of obesity is your BMI or Body Mass Index.  The BMI is a calculation of how much fat your body actually carries as opposed to the muscle it carries.  Many physicians look at the BMI to determine whether or not your body is in a “healthy state.” A BMI of greater than 40 (or approx. 100 pounds above your ideal body weight) indicates a diagnosis of morbidly obese.

Those who struggle with weight loss and fall into this category of morbidly obese have probably attempted to lose the weight over and over with some success and some failure.  The medical community is now beginning to realize that diets and medications for people who are morbidly obese do not work long term.  Bariatric or weight loss surgery is designed to give these patients an option for significant weight loss that is sustainable with healthy lifestyle living.  

Today the options for weight loss surgery are very mature.  Laparoscopic, meaning minimally invasive, Bariatric Surgery is the most favorable choice for long term weight loss.  All three procedures completed at Eastside are completed with minimally invasive techniques and require minimal heal time and no long, deep painful incisions. Dr. Suraj Menachery performs Rous-en-Y gastric bypass, gastric banding and sleeve gastrectomy at Eastside Medical Center.  

Preparation for surgery includes many steps that begin in your primary care physician office or possibly your OBGYN office for females.  Your physician will discuss options with you and verify that you are an appropriate candidate for the surgery before moving you further to see a bariatric surgeon.  A team of specialists will then help prepare you for your journey.  The journey is different for everybody and based on individual health needs and medical conditions.

Long term results of weight loss surgery are significantly better than medical weight loss alone.  Most people can expect to lose 50-75% of their excess weight within 1-2 years of the surgery.  The surgery alone is not the only factor in this process, however.  The weight loss occurs with lifestyle changes that a dedicated Bariatric Team like the one offered at Eastside Center for Surgical Weight Loss can help you develop and become accustomed to.  Diet changes, exercise, and mental boundaries must all be addressed for success.  

If patients are able to undergo safe effective surgery for weight loss the impact is staggering for the individual and our medical community as well as healthcare costs.  Many studies report the benefit outweighing the risk of surgery for those wanting to live a long healthy happy life that weight loss surgery can offer.  Surgery is a safe solution for those who have had difficulty losing weight.  The best bariatric patient understands that the surgery is just the beginning of their journey and future healthy lifestyle! 

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