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I like small businesses

Having operated a small business for sixty years, I appreciate how difficult it is to develop a customer relationship. It takes time to build a reputation for ethics and quality and a profitable base. 

Bill York

I feel good when I walk into a store, and an employee or the owner greets me by my name. “Good morning, Bill. How’s Dot?”

That doesn’t happen very often in big box stores.

My wife Dot opened Back By Popular Demand on Main Street in Lilburn in 1980. Because of her ethics, she remained 23 years, sold the store which is still in business 

Because of my physical condition, we moved to a one floor home near to Dacula, but we often visit the village. 

A customer at my fur salon brought in her mother’s old mink coat to have made into a vest. I hesitated because the pelt was too dry. But she insisted, so I made the vest.

A month later the vest came back with rips in the back.

I apologized, explaining that I should not have made the vest. I suggested that I use the mink and make pillows and a hat so her mother’s fur would always be visible.

She was elated.

I refunded the charge for the vest.

That is ethics.

My wife and I had both cars serviced at the Chevron station in Lilburn for 20 years. We never had one problem. Great standards keep good customers. Get to know Bill, Harris or Mark.

Several years ago I wanted a fleece jacket monogrammed with US NAVY WWII. I went to ADB ADVERTISING on Lawrenceville Highway in Lilburn. The businessman’s name is Enrique Baracaldo. He has been in the location for 13 years.

I ordered two white jackets and one navy. When I went in to pick them up, there was one white and two navy. I showed Enrique the order.

He said, “My mistake. I’ll monogram another white one while you wait.

I am still wearing the jackets. They still look new.

That is ethics.

Notice his ad in the current edition of the newspaper.

Enrique has a range of promotional concepts which can develop more business. Sioux2222@gmail. com

Bill is a WW II Navy veteran and retired President of York Furs in Buckhead. You can contact him by email at