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In Pursuit of Peace

Every Christmas Season that comes around, we should be reminded of the glorious scene in the dead of night before a group of shepherds watching their flock. Luke 2:13-14 states: “And suddenly there appeared with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and saying, ‘Glory to God in the highest, And on earth peace among men with whom He is pleased.’” (NASB)

Rev. Robert Thompson

These words from the heavenly host are short but are full of eternal importance for us “men.” So eternal and so important to us that it demands the particular necessity in understanding our relationship to the Lord God Himself. Glory to God, peace with God through His gift to His people is what all men on the earth are told through this proclamation. It is what Christmas is all about. With so much ill will towards our fellow men being demonstrated every place, along with growing hostility against God around us today, believing this glorious truth declared in praise to our Lord God is an essential foundation for our eternal joy and security! A joy that is present and everlasting for us even now and especially during this Christmas Season. “Peace among men with whom He is pleased.” Peace among men because peace with God is now possible!

The angels speak of it as the source of peace and thus inform us that peace is a free gift, and flows from the pure love and mercy of God. We must now see what the angels mean by the word peace. They certainly do not speak of an outward peace cultivated by men with each other; but they say, that the earth is at peace, when men have been reconciled to God, and enjoy an inward tranquillity in their minds. We know that we are born “children of wrath,” (Ephesians 2:3) and are by nature enemies to God; and must be distressed by fearful apprehensions, so long as we feel that God is angry with us. Peace is accomplished through His favor to us by sending an offering the Lord Jesus for reconciliation with Him, eternal security! Glorious! Joyous! Our God sent us peace so we may secure peace with Him!

Day after day we are flooded with examples of ill will to each other. Ill will caused by the lack of peace in their lives. I encourage you to focus your life and time on the above, especially this time of year. Pursue goodwill, not ill will towards your fellow man because of the peace you made with God, from God. Our Heavenly Father has sent us peace! Our Heavenly Father has given us peace! There is no other eternal peace or hope available except through our best Christmas gift, the Lord Jesus Christ. This is Christmas. May you and your family enjoy Christmas this year with Glory to God, peace with God through His grace in Christ, received by faith. “Merry Christmas!”

Robert Thompson has been the senior pastor of Chapel Woods Presbyterian Church in Snellville since May 2003. He graduated from Covenant Theological Seminary in 1986. Robert is also Chairman of the Board of Presbyterian Evangelistic Fellowship. He and his wife Wanda have been married for 43 years. They have three adult daughters, Amanda and twins Rebecca and Sarah. Amanda is married to Jerry Jones and they have three daughters of their own. Rebecca is married to Wesley Payton; they have two sons. Sarah is married to Mark Magdziarz and they have two daughters and two sons.

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