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Irish Electric Inc — Electricians who won’t yell ‘The sky is falling’

Ever since the Clune family sailed from Ireland 100 years ago, they have passed down their family trade from generation to generation.

 Irish Electric provides both commercial and residential electrical contracting services to "just about the whole top of Georgia," according to John Clune.

Construction was their inherited skill, and over decades of working in the Atlanta area, Thomas John Clune and his son, John Clune, found their expertise were needed in the field of electrical contracting.

Established in 2004, Irish Electric Inc was born out of extensive industry experience and out of the Clune’s passion for keeping families safe in their homes.

“We did construction in the mid-80s mostly on bigger projects back then. Our family has been in construction for years, so it’s something I’ve always known,” said John Clune who was born and raised in the metro-Atlanta area.

The Clunes never had to dig to discover their ancestry. With four generations of ‘Thomas John Clunes’, there’s only one place where their family tree could have sprouted.

“The Clunes founded a town in Ireland about 500 years ago called the city of Quinn. And about 100 years ago or so, dad’s dad’s dad — four generations back — started coming over here.”

Besides their affinity for the name “Thomas John”, another thread that connects men in Clune family is their strong work ethic developed from generations of military service.

“Dad’s air force. He served right before Vietnam and after Korea. I personally worked at a shipyard in Charleston, N.C. for the military as a civilian, but with the exception of myself, everyone has served the country.”

As a father of three girls, John is passionate about protecting the families. Electrical hazards can be fixed if the problem is caught on time, so he expresses gratitude each time one of their guys answers a call.

“Keeping families safe — that’s what makes this rewarding. There are 30,000 electrical fires a year and 1,000 casualties due to electrical fires. Today, there are more electrical units in homes than there used to be, and that’s just a factor we battle.”

 John Clune of Irish Electric prides himself on their staff's experience and strong ethics. John Clune of Irish Electric prides himself on their staff’s experience and strong ethics.Providing both commercial and residential electrical contracting, Irish Electric services “just about the whole top of Georgia,” according to John. A few of the services they provide include new house wiring, basement finishes, light and fan installations, electrical panel upgrades, ring and nest systems, landscape lighting and more. From start to finish, the family works together to ensure customers receive the quality service they deserve.

Folks who call Irish Electric will probably talk to either John or his wife, Claire. Although he’s in partial retirement, Thomas John stays engaged, and his wife, Tina Clune works the administrative end of the business.

“Some of our cousins are in the business, and we, also, work with a handful of electricians who are not kin, but they are skilled guys,” John said of Irish Electric’s trusted staff.

Having worked multiple sides in the construction and electrical fields, John has seen a variety of ways to get the job done. But the customer-engagement policy at Irish Electric derived from another Clune family characteristic which has contributed to the business’s success.

“We’re honest. We get in there, and if the electrical is bad, we’re not going to say you need some insane renovations. A lot of the competition will treat situations like the sky is falling in this business. We’re not like that.”

Located at 2278 Walker Dr. in Lawrenceville, Irish Electric is licensed, insured and bonded. They can be reached by email at or by phone from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Friday at (678)255-6303.