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It’s the food

It’s the food
By Rebecca Paden, BCND

Recently I attended and spoke at a cancer survivor banquet. After the luncheon one of my patients came up to me and said “you know what is missing? More discussion about prevention. We discussed treatment, detection and research but nothing about prevention.” She was spot on. My mentor, Dr. John McDougall, M.D. published the first study accepted in a scientific journal on the dietary treatment of breast cancer which was published in 1982.

He believes diet causes breast cancer, the rich western diet, full of fat, cholesterol and chemicals. He believes that a change in diet will make a huge difference as far as the outcome of various cancers, not just breast but prostate and colon cancer. But do you ever hear this from your doctor? I don’t think so. You go to see your general doctor, surgeon or oncologist and you ask, “what should be done with my cancer?” And the answer is surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. But doctor, ”what caused this?” Well we don’t know…but we do know. These are caused by the strongest contact we have with our environment, which is the food. Everyday we take in 1-5 lbs. of food and that makes a difference, so when you see cancer varying, in different populations of people eating differently, your conclusion should be immediately, well it’s the strongest contact with the environment, it’s the food. You see people living in Asia, who live on rice and vegetables with very little meat and almost no dairy, and they have very little colon, breast and prostate cancer. When you take a look at people who live in the United States, regardless of their ethnic background, and eat the rich western diet they have higher rates of colon, breast and prostate cancer. It’s the food you use to prevent it and the food will make a huge difference even after you get these forms of common cancers. You won’t just live better, trimmer and more active but you will live longer. Yes, that’s what the research says. You can change the course of major organ cancers by changing your diet. It makes sense, you want to stop feeding these tumors and support your immune system. Change your diet now, to a starch based diet. The kind of diet people eat where cancer is very rare, of the colon, breast and prostate. 

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