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Jackson EMC awards nearly $25,000 to Gwinnett teachers

Fifteen Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS) teachers from eight middle schools earned nearly $25,000 in grants from Jackson EMC in November through their Bright Ideas grant program..

Jackson EMC awards nearly $25,000 to Gwinnett teachers

The Bright Ideas grant program, now in its sixth year, funds innovative classroom projects developed by state-certified public middle school educators within the counties served by Jackson EMC.

Educators from grades 6-8 are awarded up to $2,000 in grant funds for classroom projects that are not funded through general education dollars. The following GCPS teachers were awarded a combined $23,557 in Bright Ideas grants. Jackson EMC made surprise presentations at each teacher’s school.





Coleman MS 


Sheila Harmony

Greenhouses, Gardens and Green Thumbs

Dacula MS


Tracie Banner

Programming the Future

Hull MS


Aimee Burgamy

Digital Drawing with a PEN? A Stylus/Mouse Pen that is!

Hull MS


Beth Feustel

Koozie Maker

Hull MS


Susan O’Neill

Sensory Tools for Special Needs Learners

Hull MS


Kari Salomon

Green Communities Kid Vids

Jones MS


Maile Steimer

Classrooms without Borders: Immersive Learning with Virtual Reality

Jordan MS


Lori Leigh Alderman

Tactile Learning Beyond Walls

Northbrook MS


Arpan Bosmia

Drone Medics to the Rescue!

Radloff MS


Celia Ayenesazan

Sustainable Communities: A Model for the Future

Twin Rivers MS


Andrew Cox

Radioactive Radon

Twin Rivers MS


Sarah Farr

Literacy Through Social Studies

Twin Rivers MS


Anna Herdliska

Microscopy from Miles Away

Twin Rivers MS


Jason Hurd

Driving By With Auto AI

Twin Rivers MS


Jessica Morse

Wireless Speakers for Classroom Zoom Lessons: In-person and Online