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Jamey Toney offers insurance, financial advice and free workshops in Snellville

As a Certified Financial Planner, Jamey Toney works with his trusted staff to meet the financial needs of the people of Snellville.

Born and raised in Snellville, Jamey Toney is the owner of the Country Financial on Scenic Highway. Toney hosts regular workshops at his office and invites anyone interested in educating themselves on financial strategy to attend. These sessions typically last an hour and delve into a single topic such as Social Security.

Toney owns the Country Financial Agency off Scenic Hwy. in Snellville and provides insurance and investment services. When asked how he got into the business, Toney said, “When I started in insurance I worked for Cotton States Insurance which was a well-known name in the Southeast, but after a few years passed in my career with Cotton States, they were bought out by Country Financial whose home base is in Illinois. So, I’ve worked for two different companies providing the same services for over 14 years.”

After graduating from UGA, Toney went on to receive additional certifications and education. As a financial representative, he has grown his business and cultivated many trusting relationships with his clients along the way.

“I have built a successful business on helping people,” Toney said. “Normally if someone seeks a financial representative, they need help, and I pride myself on the fact that I don’t set restrictions or parameters on my service. I will help someone who has $5, or I will work with someone with $50 million.”

Toney works to meet the needs of each client by providing the service that will best protect their assets, whether that is a car, home, or a sizable financial estate.

Explaining how clients can pick and choose his insurance and investment services, Toney said, “Some want to use us for insurance like they would with Progressive or AllState. But the majority [of our clients] combine the two, because insurance is considered risk management. If you’re a millionaire, and you want to stay that way, it’s best to get insurance on your assets as risk management.”

Although he’s the face of the agency, Toney relies on his team to provide personable service to each of his clients. Often, certain customers request to work with Trudy Lamont, Cyndi Grissom, or his newest team member, Deborah D’ambra, while others prefer to work with the head honcho himself.

“Some of our clients prefer to work with Trudy because she has existing relationships with them from years working with the prior agency owner. Other clients want to go directly to me, and that’s fine. The way I see it, there’s always a ‘we’ in team, and we’re lucky that each of us has unique skillsets.”

The staff at Country Financial in Snellville: L-R — Office Assistant Cynthia D. Grissom; Trudy Lamont, Service Assistant; Jamey Toney; Deborah M D'Ambra, Service Assitant.The staff at Country Financial in Snellville: L-R — Office Assistant Cynthia D. Grissom; Trudy Lamont, Service Assistant; Jamey Toney; Deborah M D’Ambra, Service Assitant.According to Toney, the times someone will most likely need the service of a financial consultant are when they first get employed, when they have their first child, and when someone retires.

A soon-to-be father, Toney understands the importance of timing when it comes to finances. He and his wife are anticipating the birth of their first child and relate to the uncertainty many feel during major life moments like theirs.

“I would recommend that everyone seek the help of a financial consultant at some point in their life, just to see if there is anything they should be doing that could save them money in the long run,” Toney said.

Born and raised in Snellville, Toney often gives back to the community. He serves as treasurer for Snellville Tourism and Trade and formerly held office as president with the Gwinnett Sunrise Rotary Club where he continues to volunteer regularly. “I personally enjoy volunteering,” Toney said.

A few additional pastimes of his include traveling, playing tennis and golfing at Summit Chase Country Club.

Whether it’s in his personal time or in his professional life, Toney shared that his greatest passion, “[I]s helping people in need.” He invites those in Snellville to attend some of the free workshops at his Country Financial Agency. These sessions last about an hour and typically delve into a single topic such as Social Security or retirement planning.

“Contact me for a free consultation, or call our team to learn about the workshops,” said Toney who can be reached during office hours at (770) 985-9757. “We don’t offer a free steak dinner, but you usually don’t want to trust the guys that do that. We’re going to provide you with sound, professional advice that will serve you your entire life.”