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Jamey Toney – serving insurance and financial needs

Jamey Toney - serving insurance and financial needs
By Beth Volpert-Johansen

Owning a successful small business in your hometown takes time, talent and commitment to the community. For Jamey Toney, giving of his time is something that has been ingrained in him since he began volunteering in elementary school for a variety of causes.

By Jamey Toney, ChFC® Country Financial

The talent and commitment came along as he grew up. He eventually attended Young Harris College and UGA where he was part of the Redcoat band and graduated with a Consumer Economics degree. After college, he returned to Snellville where he began a path of commitment to the citizens and fellow business owners in his hometown. 

Country Financial serves the community in a number of ways. Offering all lines of insurance as a direct underwriter, Country Financial is able to provide clients with options and packages tailored to suit individual needs. “We provide clients a convenient comfortable local office where clients can ask questions and explain their individual needs,” Jamey said.  “Our clients tell us that personal contact is much better than trying to talk with an unknown person on the internet.”

In addition to serving the insurance needs of his clients, Jamey also provides investment products as a Chartered Financial Consultant.  “I am a financial advisor with many investment products,” says Jamey. “At the end of March, I will have completed the requirements to obtain my Certified Financial Planner Designation.” 

As a local business, Jamey has the storefront accessibility to provide a complete and personalized service to his clients. “Half of my job is educating people,” says Jamey. “Making sure everyone is comfortable with the process so they can make informed decisions is important.” Jamey has found that personal service is trending higher again. Many people are taking a look at options on the Internet, but opting to have a real face-to-face experience with someone who is invested in the same community. “I think there is still a lot of value in doing business with a physical person at a physical address,” says Jamey. “Being able to go into an office and ask personal questions…I think that’s a big deal.” 

Having an online presence and physical address allows Jamey to be involved as a business owner in and around Snellville while serving his clients in all aspects of insurance and financial planning. He and his wife, Meghan, met at UGA, but wanted Snellville to be the place to call home. 

In addition to his Country Financial work, Jamey is a board member with Snellville Tourism and Trade as well as a member of the Eastside Chamber of Commerce and Gwinnett Sunrise Rotary. All of these organizations give more back to the community than any one business owner could give alone. “My family and I live here and I enjoy being heavily involved in everything Snellville,” says Jamey. “When I finished my education and wanted to start a business, there was no question that it would be in Snellville.”

Jamey Toney is an exclusive multiline agent representing COUNTRY Financial.  He holds a Chartered Financial Consultant designation.For more information on tornado safety visit the COUNTRY Financial website at   

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