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July 2016

For Your Thoughts
July 2016

By Jannetta Johnson

Read Proverbs 1:8

J. Sterling Morton was Presisdent Cleveland’s Sec of Agriculture. While in office his wife died and a month later he took his three children to see the new tomb that had been erected.

It read, “Caroline French, wife of J Sterling Morton, mother of Joy, Paul and Mark.” Then he said, “if any of you ever does anything that would cause your mother grief or shame if she were alive, I will chisel your name off that stone.” The names are still there.

Read Psalm 127:1

Little Mary’s favorite play thing was a toy town. She set it up once and told her father it was a Christian town. She said she would have to take out the church for it to be an unChritian town. Father asked what else, so she took out the hospital. Then the school. And the Old Ladies Home. The Childrens Home. (If we were playing with Little Mary today, what else would we put in or take out?) Would you like to live in a town that did not have room for Jesus?