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Kimberly’s Journey

Kimberly's Journey

Kimberly is a wife, mother, sister, daughter,  friend, health advocate  & survivor. She experienced three surgeries since February 2009: heart valve replacement & two pace maker surgeries. 

The purpose of MY JOURNEY is to share with the community how I face daily (health) challenges with a positive outlook on life. I’m committed to helping cardiac patients & their families cope with the recovery process.

Kimberly at the CapitalKimberly was born with an abnormal heart valve. She was told a couple of years ago that she would need a replacement. Two weeks before her first surgery, February 12, 2009, Kimberly experienced shortness of breath. She knew something didn’t feel right. She made an appointment with the doctor. A test was ordered; a surgery date was scheduled;  she contacted my family & friends and begin to pray & focus on what was getting ready to take place in her life. Blockage occurred after the first surgery. So, a second surgery took place at which time she received a pace maker, February 16th, 2009. June 23rd, 2010, after a regular check-up (pace maker reading), Kimberly learned she would face a third surgery the following day for a pace  maker revision.             

Kimberly kept a journal while in the hospital. writting down thoughts & feelings. It made all the difference in the world. When she looks back on the progress she’s made since, February 2009,: she count it all JOY.

Despite her health obstacles, Kimberly maintains a positive attitude; learning to take one day at time by monitoring daily routines,  keeping  a journal,  communicating with doctors and medical staff. 

When she was informed by the medical staff that she would need a pace maker to help the heart function, along with additional procedures in the future to change the batteries inside the pace maker, Kimberly had two choices:  either give up or keep moving forward. 

Seeking God every day and focusing on blessings, instead of health challenges, provided her with enough strength and courage to keep moving FORWARD in endeavors to positively impact the community.

Luke: Chapter 1: 37 NKJV

“For nothing is impossible with God.”

Her words Of encouragement: Despite whatever you may face, pray daily, count your blessings, develop a support system  and never give up.

The fight against heart disease continues and Kimberly is committed to helping spread heart awareness throughout the community.

This past February, Kimberly Goodloe marked the six year anniversary of her open heart surgery. Life has changed a great deal for Kimberly.

Kimberly has become a driven voice for healthy hearts and her journey has taken her to advocating from American Heart Association’s Lobby Day: Washington, D.C.(in 2013), Georgia State Capital steps to Dekalb County Board of Commission meeting, churches, and within the local community.

This year marks her second year of coordinating and collecting the beautiful hearts from, students , churches, family, neighbors & friends “The collage is in honor of my six year anniversary of open heart/valve replacement surgery and dedicated to every woman, man and child affected by heart disease and stroke. I remain committed to sharing my story of survival and heart awareness throughout our community. 

Friends came out in support of Kimberly and helped to assemble the “special” hearts at Briscoe Park which included The International Career & Training Resource Institute: Founder & Executive Director/Mrs. Angelic Douglas, Tremise Brown, Jordan Brown, Andrew Douglas, Alex Douglas, & Kimberly Walker.