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Kings for America: “Just talk to us”

Let’s Win for America Action (LWFAA), an organization created to promote Republican principles in Georgia, released a new video, "Just Talk to Us."

Kings for America: "Just talk to us"

The video is part of a campaign titled “Kings for America” which focuses on bridging the gap between the Republican Party and Black men through authentic conversation and policy discussions.

The clip features Kelvin King, a Georgia businessman and Republican activist, and highlights a small portion of a longer discussion that is set to release soon.

In regards to the ad, King said, “Governor Kemp is a perfect example of a leader who has delivered results for ALL citizens by implementing common-sense policies. While Stacey Abrams, Senator Warnock, and President Biden continue to sow division and push policies that harm the Black community, Republicans like Governor Kemp keep rising in the polls specifically among Black men. At the end of the day, being a King for America simply means being willing to vote for the candidate who is going to provide results for you, your family, and your business – even if that means going against what the media and culture says.”

To learn more about Let’s Win for America Action’s mission and to view the new ad, visit