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Ladies Workout… success tailored to suit you

Ladies Workout... success tailored to suit you
By Beth Volpert-Johansen

Working with women since 1995, Kelly Farris has heard every reason for why a woman might shy away from the gym. “Women have a lot on their plate,” says Farris. “Most women find themselves at the bottom of the list, if they make it to the gym at all.”

Come to Ladies Workout and get a successful workout

Convincing women to make time for themselves and then making that time productive and rejuvenating is at the top of Farris’ list.

As owner of Snellville’s Ladies Workout, Kelly Farris has seen the town change, but not the basic client. “The experience at a co-ed gym, for most women, doesn’t make them comfortable,” says Farris. “They would rather stay away completely than workout with men.” When she opened her first Snellville location in 1995, Farris decided that she would offer a women’s only gym. Some of those first members are still members today. 

What makes Ladies Workout different than most gyms is the people. The staff and clients are very lwe190close and share more than a workout or class. “Women here value their privacy when it comes to their bodies,” says Farris. “They value the friendships they make here.” To that point, Farris knows of one group of women, from various walks of life, who formed early friendships when the gym first started and continue to travel together to this day. “It is beautiful how all the women here support one another.” 

Ladies Workout is a full service gym for women of all ages. Young mothers, mothers and daughters, women who were introduced to the gym when their own moms used the child care offered at the gym all enjoy the variety of workout options. Members have the option to use cardiovascular equipment, Nautilus strength equipment, free weights, classes and certified personal trainers. “Our personal trainers offer one-on-one, small group, and fitness boot camps,” says Farris. “Our wonderful group fitness instructors teach a wide range of classes allowing something for everybody.”

Affordable, fun, and inspiring, Ladies Workout offers much more than fitness. Building friendships, finding a place to renew and rejuvenate, and finding time for the self is all available. Ladies need to step foot through the front door just once and they will be hooked. “Eventually, it is no longer one more thing on their plate,” says Farris. “It is an integral part of their lives.”