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Lasik: the benefit/cost ratio

In making a decision, it often comes down to the benefit vs. the cost. Is our desire for something we want worth its cost? Let’s look at Lasik, an in-office procedure alternative to wearing glasses or contact lenses and check its benefit/cost ratio.

Richard Carlin, MD

Here are Dr. Richard Carlin’s thoughts, founder of CarlinVision – the largest and most experienced eye care practice in Gwinnett:


1. Visual freedom:  I hear this from Lasik patients all the time. They love being able to get up in the morning, see the alarm clock, go to the bathroom, check their kids, and start their day, all without having to first hunt for their glasses or inserting contact lenses. Patients report the thrill of a beach vacation without packing an extra pair of glasses or contact lenses. They enjoy wearing “over the counter” sunglasses. Sports like golf, tennis and scuba diving are more enjoyable without the hassle of contact lenses or eye glasses. Parents and grandparents tell me how nice it is not to have to worry about their young child reaching up and knocking off their glasses. Campers and outdoor people tell about how they feel more secure, knowing that during the night, they can open their eyes and immediately see, without having to first hunt for their glasses in the dark.  

2. Self-esteem: Lasik patients frequently report an improvement in self esteem and self image, no longer feeling that they are separated by others, “hiding behind” their glasses and suffering the handicap of poor uncorrected vision.  

3. Convenience: I commonly hear how nice it is to no longer run out of contact lenses or have to stop at the store for more solutions.  Patients enjoy not having to keep eye glasses clean or come to the optician for adjustments.

4. Better visual quality: Artists and photographers report colors are more vivid, vibrant and true.  Peripheral vision is not blurred by eyeglass frames. There is no more visual blurring when contact lenses dry out or glasses get smudged.   

5. Comfort: Former contact lens wearers report how their eyes feel less dry, less irritated and more comfortable.

6. Cosmetic: Contact lens wearers often notice their eyes appear “whiter”, “brighter”, and more “natural” after Lasik.  They enjoy being able to wear over the counter sunglasses. Former eyeglass wearers again appreciate their appearance with no more frames 

7. Occupational benefits:  Firemen opt for Lasik due to issues with protective masks, police and military personnel due to concerns about eyewear causing problems in an emergency and pilots for increased comfort wearing headsets.    

1. Over your lifetime, compared to the cost of contact lenses and glasses, Lasik turns out to be the better savings – an investment in you and your vision.

2. Lasik financing is available with no interest for up to 24 months through

3. Lasik is deductible as a medical expense on your federal income taxes.

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