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Lawrenceville announces $2M Stabilization Plan to Assist Utility Customers

The City of Lawrenceville announces a $2M Lawrenceville Utility Customer Stabilization Plan, which includes several ways the City is offering assistance to utility customers currently having difficulty making utility payments during the COVID-19 pandemic.

City of Lawrenceville

· Assistance Program – The City of Lawrenceville will partner with The Salvation Army Project SHARE to create an assistance program for Lawrenceville Utility customers.  This program will be pre-funded with an initial credit balance of $100,000 and will offer utility bill credits to qualifying customers for one monthly bill in a twelve-month period.  Customers may contact The Salvation Army Project SHARE directly at 770.724.1660 to set up an appointment or the City of Lawrenceville Customer Service at or 678.407.6675 for more information. 

· Payment Plan Options – based on need, utility customers will be allowed to spread bills and payments over an agreed-upon period of time, not to exceed six months.  Customers should contact the City of Lawrenceville Customer Service at 678.407.6675 or 
· Credit Deposits to Qualifying Customer Accounts – Residential and Commercial deposit refunds will be refunded as a bill credit after one year of good payment history instead of two.  These changes are valued as a potential $2 million fund for customer relief.  Utility credits will free up real dollars for utility customers to use in other ways. 
“We are very aware that some of our customers are struggling at this time,” said Chuck Warbington, City Manager.  “We have created a financial plan that provides several options for qualifying utility customers to receive assistance while maintaining a stable utility system for the Lawrenceville community and customers in surrounding areas.”
The City of Lawrenceville plans to make every effort to work with customers affected by COVID-19 on payment arrangements and flexibility with cutoffs.  All customers should contact Customer Service at 678.407.6675 or to discuss their account and payment options and to ensure contact information currently on file is correct.