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Lawrenceville to consider adoption of 2040 Comprehensive Plan

Plan outlines strategic vision for the City, Creates framework for long-term growth

Lawrenceville’s Mayor and Council will consider the adoption of the City’s 2040 Comprehensive Plan at a public hearing scheduled for Monday evening, December 3, at 7pm. The 2040 Plan is a federal mandate of all local communities and serves to outline the strategic direction of the City and establish a framework for long-term, sustainable growth patterns.

Mayor Judy Jordan Johnson said, “A City’s comprehensive plan should be reflective of the people’s vision as well as the assets and resources a City has at its disposal for being able to realize that vision. My colleagues and I take our responsibility to reflect the desired direction of the people to heart and look forward to considering this proposed direction at Monday’s meeting.”

The proposed plan was conceived over the past year through a series of public meetings, input from a dedicated citizen’s committee, statistical data and research, staff recommendations and expert opinion. The plan calls for a focus on key character areas, the establishment of supportive zoning ordinances and a dedicated priority to realizing quality development in the community. Top initiatives include fostering redevelopment, infusing arts and education, encouraging high-quality residential options, enhancing transportation services and developing relationships with local businesses.

Chuck Warbington, City Manager, added “Staff has diligently worked with numerous resources and constituency groups to update this plan and present what we believe is a realistic, workable strategy for the City’s future. The adoption of this plan will ensure that future staff members, elected leaders, board members, residents and visitors to Lawrenceville have a solid and achievable roadmap for success.”

The Council is expected to adopt the plan at the upcoming meeting, after which, the City will embark on a Zoning Ordinance and Development Regulations update to establish the support and resources needed to efficiency implement the Plan’s goals. For more information, please visit