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Let’s Look at It This Way | A guide to reach our dreams and aspirations

Have you ever felt like you had to wake up, get ready, go to school only to do it again the next day? Trying to figure out what you’re doing all of this for? This is when you need to change your perspective.

Is your cycle drawing you closer to your dreams, or do you see a hamster just spinning away at its little wheel? Wait, but before you answer that take a step back. Take a minute to look at whole picture. Find an escape. In order to escape, you need to know what you’re aspiring towards.

Our dreams and aspirations are meant to ignite us to escape this monotonous cycle we call life. What often drives us is reaching our desired destination. Sometimes it just starts with simple changes. 

If you take your life and tilt your head a little to the left, you can see that when you change your perspective your cycle becomes a wheel that drives you closer and closer to your dream. 

Once you grasp onto the concept of ambition there would be no challenge you wouldn’t accept, there would be no adventure you couldn’t embark on. A positive mindset will result in a 

I Think I Can Relate 

As a young high school student, I often fall into that cycle of a lost animus. I thought that waking up at four in the morning was pointless. Eventually, I fell in the state of autopilot and forgot what I was striving towards. But one day when I reevaluated my purpose I realized the I was look at my cycle all wrong.

Every day I went to school thinking negatively. Why do I need to use this in the future? Why do I have to do homework every day? Why do I have to wake up so early in the morning only to do the same routine the next day? All I had to do was tilt my head and see that everything I was doing was equipping me for my successes I desired to achieve.