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Lighthouse Express Car Wash… Let your ride shine

Lighthouse Express Car Wash... Let your ride shine
By Beth Volpert Johansen

Lighthouse Express Car Wash shines a light from the tall lighthouse structure on top of their building to beckon customers in with their perpetually positive attitude summed up in the tagline: Have a Positive Day!

Smiling faces from both customers and employees brighten up the business located at Webb Gin and Scenic Highway on even the cloudiest of days. 

Family owned since 2005, Lighthouse Express Car Wash is committed to providing more than the fulfillment of a chore. “Our goal is to be a positive asset to the community,” says owner Brian Hah. “Our work is done in the mission field; we have a responsibility to make a difference in all capacities.” Keenly aware that a car wash might just be one of the items on someone’s checklist for the day, Brian and his staff strive to make the experience one that will set the tone for the remainder of that person’s day. 

From the moment a car is secured on the wash track, Lighthouse Express Car Wash employees get busy making sure that all needs are met and that the driver is greeted with joy and caring interest in their current state of well-being. “We train every team member to properly greet each customer and welcome them to Lighthouse Express Car Wash,” says Brian. “For that 20-30 seconds, they are the face of our company.” Brian’s philosophy includes the idea that anyone can be having a bad day and a proper greeting is “a springboard for a trajectory to have a positive day”. 

lighthouse2190Owner, Brian Hah

“I am not just selling a service,” says Brian. “God gave me the tools to run a good business and use my skills to make a difference each day in my community.” Those skills proved imperative when he became more involved in running the family business. Brian realized that he needed to take a page out of the business school handbook and brand his business for success and growth. Originally part of another national chain, Brian knew their business model was failing. “The business was disorganized; I knew we needed to separate ourselves from a broken franchise,” says Brian. “Reorganizing meant creating a solid core for a solid business.” 

Ten years into the car wash business, Brian and his family are looking toward the future and what is possible. They continually pay attention to feedback from loyal customers and have recently responded with a new detailing service by appointment. “We chose to have this as an appointment service because we want the best people available to complete a consistently excellent outcome,” says Brian. “As a business, we have learned to change and adapt to what our customers want.” 

With a positive business and personal attitude ingrained in each action or spoken word, it is no doubt that Brian’s plans for the future will be well insulated in a mantle of goodness that will succeed beyond any expectation. Brian has faith in the path that has brought him this far and has no doubts that his light shines in the community and in the reflections of his customers’ shining rides. 

For more information visit: or call (678) 389-7496.