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Little Free Library effort honored by mayor, council

Little Free Library effort honored by mayor, council

SNELLVILLE – A free book exchange program has garnered recognition from the mayor and council. 

The Little Free Library, a familiar site on Saturdays at the Snellville Farmers’ Market, was front and center at Monday’s council meeting, as organizers of the program were lauded for their efforts. 

The Little Free Library is a dollhouse-like structure which sits on a child’s wagon. But instead of dolls, the Little Free Library houses books donated by citizens which can be borrowed, read and returned. 

“The mission of the Little Free Library project is to promote literacy and a love of reading by building free book exchanges worldwide,” a resolution reads. “The mission of the Little Free Library also includes building a sense of community and promoting well-being among the citizens of the city.”

The Little Free Library movement began in Hudson, Wisc. in 2009 when a son of a teacher built a structure with a sign reading “Free Books.” Snellville’s library now holds charter number 27437 in the organization. 

Residents credited for their effort in making the Little Free Library a reality were Kurt Schulz, Tim Ford, Jean Baldwin, Susan Chappalear and Lynn and Dennis Lawton. 

Saturday, August 11 was declared Little Free Library Day at the Farmers’ Market.

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